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SimplyBuilderCrypto BackEnd Version

SimplyBuilderCrypto offers a suite of cryptographic utilities tailored for backend development. It includes a variety of functionalities such as various hashing algorithms, UUID generation, and random bytes generation, among others.

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  • Hashing: Conversion of strings into hashes using MD5, SHA-256, and SHA-512 algorithms.
  • UUID v4: Generation of version 4 UUIDs.
  • Random Bytes: Generation of random bytes with customizable length, with a minimum and default value of 32 bytes.


This module is designed for direct inclusion in backend projects. It can be installed using npm or other package managers:

Using npm

npm install @jamilservices/sb-module-crypto-back

Using pnpm

pnpm add @jamilservices/sb-module-crypto-back

Using yarn

yarn add @jamilservices/sb-module-crypto-back

Then, you can import it into your backend project:

const SimplyBuilderCrypto = require('@jamilservices/sb-module-crypto-back');
const { hashMD5, hash256, hash512, base64Encode, base64Decode, randomUUIDV4, randomBytes } = SimplyBuilderCrypto;

Or using object destructuring:

const { hashMD5, hash256, hash512, base64Encode, base64Decode, randomUUIDV4, randomBytes } = require('@jamilservices/sb-module-crypto-back');

Related Projects

For frontend projects, please consider using the Frontend Version.

Rust Modules

The core functionalities are implemented in Rust, ensuring high performance and reliability:

  • [x] hash md5
  • [x] hash sha256
  • [x] hash sha512
  • [x] encode base64
  • [x] decode base64
  • [x] random bytes
  • [x] random uuid v4
  • [ ] signs
  • [ ] keys
  • [ ] box create
  • [ ] box open
  • [ ] box secret

Contribution Guidelines

Interested in contributing? We welcome your contributions to enhance the backend capabilities of @jamilservices/sb-module-crypto-back. Please check our Contribution Guidelines for more details.


SimplyBuilderCrypto is available under the MIT License by @jamilservicos.

  • You are free to modify and reuse the code.
  • The original license must be included with copies of this software.
  • We encourage linking back to this repository if you use a significant portion of the source code.

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