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The @jamilservices/sb-core-module integrates the functionalities of both EventModule and DomModule, providing a unified interface for managing DOM elements and event handling. This simplification streamlines the process of creating, manipulating, and managing DOM elements along with their associated events within applications.

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  • Unified interface for event handling through the EventModule.
  • Robust DOM manipulation utilities provided by the DomModule.
  • Seamless integration between event handling and DOM operations.
  • Supports creating, modifying, and managing both HTML and SVG elements.
  • Enhanced support for shadow DOM components, enabling encapsulated styles and behaviors.


You can easily install the Core module in your project using npm, pnpm or yarn:

Using npm

npm install @jamilservices/sb-core-module

Using pnpm

pnpm add @jamilservices/sb-core-module

Using yarn

yarn add @jamilservices/sb-core-module

[!NOTE] This will add the @jamilservices/sb-core-module as a development dependency in your project.

ESM Import Module


You can use the following CDN links to include the module:





Here's how to use the @jamilservices/sb-core-module in your application:

Importing the Module

import { CoreModule } from '@jamilservices/sb-core-module';

Usage Examples

Here's how to use the @jamilservices/sb-core-module in your application:

Creating an Element

Create an HTML element with attributes and append it to the document body:

import { CoreModule } from '@jamilservices/sb-core-module';

// Structure for creating a new element
const elementStruct = {
    element: 'div',
    attr: { class: 'example-class' },
    text: 'This is a dynamic element.'

// Create and append the element to the document body
const created = CoreModule.createFromStruct({
    struct: elementStruct,
    parent: document.body

if (created) {
    console.log('Element created and appended successfully.');

Retrieving and Removing an Element

Retrieve a stored element by its key and then remove it:

// Assuming 'exampleKey' is the key of an element stored in the DomModule's store
const storedElement = CoreModule.getElementFromStore('exampleKey');

if (storedElement) {
    console.log('Retrieved stored element:', storedElement);

    // Remove the retrieved element from the document
    console.log('Element removed successfully.');

API Documentation

CoreModule exposes the following methods for direct use in your projects:

  • getElementFromStore(key: string): HTMLElement | SVGElement | undefined

    • Retrieves a DOM element previously stored by its unique key.
    • Parameters:
      • key: A string identifier used to store the DOM element.
    • Returns: The DOM element if found; otherwise, undefined.
  • createFromStruct(data: object): boolean

    • Creates DOM elements based on a provided structure, which includes specifications for the element's type, attributes, children, and event listeners.
    • Parameters:
      • data: An object containing the structure for creating DOM elements.
    • Returns: true if the elements were successfully created; otherwise, false.
  • removeElement(element: HTMLElement | SVGElement): void

    • Removes the specified DOM element from the document.
    • Parameters:
      • element: The DOM element to be removed.
  • eventRegister(name: string, fn: function): void

    • Registers a custom event type and its associated action.
    • Parameters:
      • name: A string identifier used to relate the function to the event.
      • fn: Function that will be called in the event.
  • eventUnregister(name: string): void

    • Unregisters a custom event type and removes its associated action.
    • Parameters:
      • name: The same string identifier used to relate the function to the event.

Contribution Guidelines

Interested in contributing? We welcome your contributions to enhance the backend capabilities of @jamilservices/sb-core-module. Please check our Contribution Guidelines for more details.


@jamilservices/sb-core-module is available under the MIT License by @jamilservicos.

  • You are free to modify and reuse the code.
  • The original license must be included with copies of this software.
  • We encourage linking back to this repository if you use a significant portion of the source code.

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