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The Jahia Nextjs initiative : jahia community components for Nextjs

The aim of the Jahia Nextjs initiative is to explore and explain the Jahia capabilities to easily create and manage headless web project. Solutions we use are :

  • Jahia : a Cloud / On-premise DXP solution to create and contribute
  • Vercel a next-js Cloud platform provider to render the web project

To know more about the Jahia Nextjs initiative read this dedicated page.

Why this community components ?

Use this package in Nextjs headless project:

  • to add pre-build react components to render legacy jahia modules like Bootstrap grid or Animate
  • and much more


The community components is available as an npm package. To install it in a project, run one of this command :

# with npm
npm install @jahia/nextjs-community-components

# with yarn
yarn add @jahia/nextjs-community-components

To know more about the full configuration of a project using Jahia and Nextjs read the setup.


Name Props Description
BS4Grid id This component is used to render the content type bootstrap4nt:grid coming from the boostrap 4 Jahia module.
ContentRetrieval id This component is the default view to render the content type jnt:contentRetrieval coming from the Jahia Content retrieval (contentRetrieval) module.
IsotopeContentRetrieval id This component is the isotope view to render the content type jnt:contentRetrieval coming from the Jahia Content retrieval (contentRetrieval) module. By default the component expect that the child node has a view isotope registered.

GraphQL helper function

The module exports the useNavMenu function, which resumes in one line the GraphQL call needed to get navigation menu properties.

typescript signature:

const useNavMenu = ({id}:ComponentPropsType)

Example of usage

Let consider you want to create a navBar for the header part of your site. You create a new jnt:navMenuNext aka Navigation Menu (provided by the nextjs-proxy module).

To retrieve the nodes of your navBar in your React component, use the useNavMenu() function as follows:

import {useNavMenu} from '@jahia/nextjs-community-components';

export function NavMenuHeader({id}) {
    const {data: navTree, loading, error} = useNavMenu({id});

This function returns a data object (renamed navTree in the example above) with as set of properties :

  • navMenuTitle: the title of your navBar
  • children: the list of page nodes below the base node (starting point) or the set of pages defined by the user

The function returns also for each node, including the base node, the core properties accessible directly from the data object:

  • uuid: unique id of the content
  • path: path of the content in the content tree
  • name: technical name of the content
  • primaryNodeType.name: type of content
  • mixinTypes[{name}]: name of the mixins associated to the content
  • view: name of the component to call to render the content
  • page: boolean set to true if the child node is a page (could be a label)
  • title: title of the page in the appropriate language




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