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Software Development Kit for creating integration plugins.

This repository provides the framework needed to create an Integration Plugin. Integrations are added to an instance of the ipSCAPE Toolbar or CTI Adaptor to add additional functionality.



With NPM

npm install --save @ipscape/web-client

With Yarn

yarn add @ipscape/web-client

To get started creating your integration

import IpscapeWebClient from '@ipscape/web-client';
const webClient = new IpscapeWebClient();


The ipSCAPE Web Client allows you to communicate with a running instance of the CTI Adaptor v8.0 or higher.

With the ipSCAPE Web Client you can:

Subscribe to events

webClient.onAgentLogin((eventData) => {
  if (response.error)
   console.error(`LOGIN: ${JSON.stringify(response.error)}`);
  if (response.result) console.log(eventData.result);

Query the Adaptor instance

webClient.isAuthorised((response) => {
  if (response) console.log('Agent is logged in');

The ipSCAPE Web Client has the following built-in event listeners:

Web Client Event Description
onAgentLogin Fired after a successful login
onAgentLogout Agent has logged out
onAgentPresenceChange Agent changes to presence
onCallStarted A new call interaction is started
onCallFailed The dial attempt has failed
onCallHangup The active call has terminated
onCallWrapped The current call has been wrapped
onPreviewAllocated A preview lead has been allocated
onComponentChanged The value of the dynamic component has changed
onInteractionOpen Agent has given the interaction focus
onInteractionClosed The Agent has navigated away and the interaction has lost focus

Getters & Methods

  • clickToDial
  • reportStatus
  • isAuthorised
  • getIntegrationSettings
  • getInteractionById
  • getCurrentInteraction
  • getAgentPresence
  • getPauseReasons
  • getAgentDetails
  • getAgentCampaigns
  • updateInCallComponentOptions
  • resetInCallComponentOptions

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