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Methods for converting ascii, values & trytes to trits and back.


Install using npm:

npm install @iota/converter

or using yarn:

yarn add @iota/converter

API Reference


Param Type Description
input string ascii input

Converts an ascii encoded string to trytes.

How conversion works:

An ascii value of 1 Byte can be represented in 2 Trytes:

  1. We get the decimal unicode value of an individual ASCII character.

  2. From the decimal value, we then derive the two tryte values by calculating the tryte equivalent (e.g.: 100 is expressed as 19 + 3 * 27), given that tryte alphabet contains 27 trytes values: a. The first tryte value is the decimal value modulo 27 (which is the length of the alphabet). b. The second value is the remainder of decimal value - first value devided by 27.

  3. The two values returned from Step 2. are then input as indices into the available trytes alphabet (9ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ), to get the correct tryte value.


Lets say we want to convert ascii character Z.

  1. Z has a decimal unicode value of 90.

  2. 90 can be represented as 9 + 3 * 27. To make it simpler: a. First value is 90 % 27 = 9. b. Second value is (90 - 9) / 27 = 3.

  3. Our two values are 9 and 3. To get the tryte value now we simply insert it as indices into the tryte alphabet: a. The first tryte value is '9ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ'[9] = I b. The second tryte value is '9ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ'[3] = C

Therefore ascii character Z is represented as IC in trytes.

Returns: string - string of trytes


Param Type Description
trytes string trytes

Converts trytes of even length to an ascii string

Returns: string - string in ascii


Param Type Description
input String | Number Tryte string or value to be converted.

Converts trytes or values to trits

Returns: Int8Array - trits


Param Type
trits Int8Array

Converts trits to trytes

Returns: String - trytes


Param Type
trits Int8Array

Converts trits into an integer value


Param Type
value Number

Converts an integer value to trits

Returns: Int8Array - trits


npm i @iota/converter

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