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These are React specific building blocks on top of @ionic/core components/services.

To get started, install the Ionic CLI by running npm i -g @ionic/cli. Then, start a new Ionic React Project by running ionic start myapp --type=react.

Publishing a Native Application

You can now make use of all of the ionic components in your React application. If you want to publish your app to the App Store or Google Play you will need to use the ionic cli to execute Capacitor commands to do so.

More information on this can be found here. https://ionicframework.com/docs/cli If you want to learn more about Capacitor our dedicated site can be found here. https://capacitor.ionicframework.com/

The commands that you will need to execute are below in your project's root.

ionic init "My React App" --type=react
ionic integrations enable capacitor

Then run the following command to get started with either ios or android platforms.

ionic capacitor add <android|ios>

After build you build your app you will need to copy your capacitor resources into the build dir so execute the following command.

ionic capacitor copy

To open your application to build/emulate in Android Studio or Xcode run the open command.

ionic capacitor open <android|ios>



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