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Ionic Elements for Progressive Web Apps

This project is a growing collection of pre-built UI experiences for Web APIs such as camera/video, focused on building Progressive Web Apps that meet and exceed native mobile app experiences.

These elements are a key part of our mission to build the Progressive Web App OS by providing awesome UIs on top of low-level Web APIs.

These components are built as Web Components that can be used in any web app, using the power of Stencil JS.

Currently Supported

Currently, the project offers a quality in-app Camera experience using getUserMedia, with support for multiple cameras and with automatic handling of image data.

See the provided example for an example of how to use these components.

Capacitor Usage

Ionic PWA Elements were built primarily for developers using Capacitor, our Native app container that allows web apps to run on nearly every platform with consistent APIs.

Ionic PWA Elements offer web-UI experiences for Capacitor apps running in a browser as PWA, such that the API is identical for the PWA and the native app store app.

See the Capacitor PWA Elements page for more information on using this library in your Capacitor apps.




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