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This is a repo for Archive.org components.

This repo is installed into the archive.org codebase, and components are selectively used (not all are inculded).

Using StorybookJS

We use Storybook to show usage examples of our components.

To run storybook, do the following inside of this directory:

  1. install dependencies using one of the following: yarn install OR lerna bootstrap (if you are devving on monorepo)

  2. yarn storybook

Testing with JestJS

JestJS gives us flexibility to test not only our React components, but our JavaScript & Typescript as well. In this repo, it will be mainly for unit testing our UI components.

To run tests in the terminal:

yarn run test

To run tests in the Storybook UI:

yarn run storybook


We are using the common debug module.

To add to a module, add a line like

const debug = require('debug')('ia-components:COMPONENTNAME')

To enable, for example, debugging in all ia-components, and debugging in the dweb-archive:Nav module.

In Node add a line to your top level application BEFORE requiring or importing the other modules.

process.env.DEBUG="ia-components:* dweb-archive:Nav"

In Browser, add a line to your index.html or equivalent BEFORE including the bundle.

<script type="text/javascript">localStorage.debug = "dweb-archive dweb-archive:* dweb-transports dweb-transports:* dweb-objects dweb-objects:*";</script>




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