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yarn add @instructure/ui-icons


To use the React components:

import { IconAddLine } from '@instructure/ui-icons'

const MyComponent = () => {
  return <IconAdd />

Adding and Modifying Icons

  • Use dashes in the name of the .svg files (e.g calendar-month). Use the same name for the "line" and "solid" variants, and save them in the respective folder, e.g. Solid/calendar-month and Line/calendar-month.

  • Copy the new icon files in the /svg/Solid and /svg/Line directories.

  • Run yarn export:icons from the repository root directory to generate the SVG files.

  • Run yarn && yarn bootstrap.

  • Finally, run yarn dev from the repository root directory to start the local server and check the generated output.

  • Verify icons display correctly by checking under iconography in the main nav

Guidelines for Drawing Icons

  • Draw your icons on the 1920 x 1920 art-boards.

  • Before you flatten shapes or vectorize strokes as described below, make a hidden copy of the original paths off to the side so that you can more easily come back and make changes later.

  • Flatten your shapes.

  • Export strokes to vector.

  • Don’t use borders on vectors, especially not inside/outside borders which aren’t supported in SVG. Do not use clipping paths.

  • Make sure none of the paths go outside of the art-board. If so, the glyph in the icon font will be misaligned. Draw inside the lines.

  • Fill the space edge-to-edge as much as possible. The build process will add margins as needed.




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