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    Monitor your Node.js applications with Instana!

    Installation | Configuration | API | Changelog

    Most of this document has been moved to the Node.js page of the Instana documentation portal. The following sections mostly serve as redirects for people having arrived here following outdated links.

    Server Only

    PSA: This package is for monitoring Node.js server applications with Instana. If you want to monitor JavaScript applications running in a browser, check out our docs on website monitoring.

    Installation And Usage

    The installation of the Instana Node.js collector is a simple two step process. First, install the @instana/collector package in your application via:

    npm install --save @instana/collector

    Now that the collector is installed, it needs to be activated from within the application. Do this by requiring and initializing it as the first statement in your application. Please take care that this is the first statement as the collector will otherwise not be able to access certain information.

    // All other require statements must be done after the collector is initialized.
    // Note the () after the require statement of the collector which initializes it.
    // const express = require('express');

    For more in-depth information, refer to the installation page.

    CPU Profiling, Garbage Collection And Event Loop Information

    The Node.js collector uses Native addons for some metrics. Check out the native addons documentation for details.


    In most cases it is enough to require and initialize @instana/collector and let it do its work. However, there is an API for more advanced use cases.

    Filing Issues

    If something is not working as expected or you have a question, instead of opening an issue in this repository, please open a ticket at instead. Please refrain from filing issues or tickets if your audit tool (npm audit, Snyk, etc.) reported a CVE for a dependency or a transitive dependency of @instana/collector -- we run these audits with every build and take appropriate action automatically.


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