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Document Auto Capture Component


Innovatrics Document Auto Capture Component is a web component that renders the video stream from an available phone or web camera to automatically capture an image of an ID document with the required quality.

The component output is an ID document image in the JPEG format that is suitable for the purposes of OCR processing and/or a proprietary file format for safe transfer to Digital Identity Service on server for further processing.

Document Auto Capture

The Document Auto Capture Component can be used standalone or in combination with other components to develop remote identity verification or digital onboarding solutions, as demonstrated in this demo application.

You can also check out the integration samples in various technologies (React, Vue, Angular, jQuery).


  1. UI Component

    IMPORTANT: For this component to work as intended, we highly recommend you also have the Auto Capture UI Component installed in your project. You can learn more about why this is important on our developers portal.

  2. Camera requirements

    To get appropriate results using this component, the camera resolution on your device needs to be at least 720x720 pixels.

  3. Supported browsers

    The Document Auto Capture Component was tested with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, SafariVC, WebView and WKWebView. More information can be found here.


Installation of the package is available via NPM, PNPM or Yarn:

Using NPM:

$ npm install @innovatrics/dot-document-auto-capture

Using PNPM:

$ pnpm add @innovatrics/dot-document-auto-capture

Using Yarn:

$ yarn add @innovatrics/dot-document-auto-capture


The Document Auto Capture Component is a web component which uses custom HTML tag. Properties need to be passed into the component after the tag was rendered.

Head to our developers portal to learn more about:

  • Initial setup
  • Usage with TypeScript
  • Hosting SAM wasm
  • Troubleshooting
  • Properties
  • Callback parameters
  • Multi capture capabilities
  • Error handling
  • Custom events - communication between the Document Auto Capture Component and the Auto Capture UI Component
  • Examples of using the Document Auto Capture Component and the Auto Capture UI Component together


See changelog here.


The Document Auto Capture Component is available under Innovatrics proprietary license.

The component can be used in a freemium mode without a license agreement. However, please note that the free version includes a watermark overlay in the component.

To obtain a license agreement and use the component without the overlay, please contact us at support@innovatrics.com.

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