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Enapso Ontotext GraphDB 8.x/9.x Command Line Interface (CLI) for Node.js

Enapso Command Line Interface for GraphDB to easily perform numerous operations on GraphDB repositories and named graphs. This tool will be continously extended by further scriptable convenience operations.

The following demos require a running GraphDB 8.x/9.x instance on localhost at port 7200. The demos as well as the automated tests require a fully working Ontotext GraphDB repository "Test" and a user "admin" with the password "root" being set up, which has an administrator in GraphDB. For certain operations the user needs to have the Repository Manager or Administrator role in GraphDB. Get the latest version of GraphDB for free at

This project is actively developed and maintained. To discuss questions and suggestions with the Enapso and GraphDB community, we'll be happy to meet you in our forum at


npm i -g @innotrade/enapso-graphdb-cli

-g to install the enapso-graphdb-cli package globally


export           exports (download) a repository or context from GraphDB to a file
import            imports (upload) a repository or context from a file to a GraphDB repository or named graph
clearRepository    clearRepository clear the repository of GraphDB.
createRepository   createRepository create a new repository in GraphDB.
deleteRepository   deleteRepository delete the repository of GraphDB.
createUser         createUser create a new user and assign authorities to that user.
updateUser         updateUser update the already exist user of GraphDB.
deleteUser         deleteUser delete the user of GraphDB.
gc                 Garbage Collection of a repository in GraphDB.
autoUpload         Auto Upload the Ontology file in GraphDB if any change occur in Ontology file if it is in watcher.


--dburl        -d   base url of GraphDB instance, e.g. http://localhost:7200
--repository   -r   repository to use for the command
--context      -c   context to be used for the command, of not passed usually the entire repository is used
--username     -u   the user to be authenticated
--password     -p   the password to be used for authentication
                    (should not be stored in scripts, better use env variables)
--baseiri      -i   base iri of graph e.g.
--verbose      -v   log detailed output to the console
--targetfile   -t   file name for exports to file
--sourcefile   -s   file name for import from file
--queryfile    -q   file name for the query file (SPARQL)
--format       -f   please refer to the below format specification
--authorities -a    rights of GraphDB which we are providing to newly created user
--configfile        JSON format array file in which we pass the ontology file path, id and other related information required for uploading Ontology


Export (download) a repository or named graph

Download from GraphDB to a file:

enapsogdb export --dburl "http://localhost:7200" --repository "Test" --context "" --targetfile "exports/export.ttl"  --username "admin" --password "root" --format "text/turtle"

Import (upload) a repository or named graph

Upload from a file to GraphDB:

enapsogdb import --dburl "http://localhost:7200" --repository "Test" --context "" --baseiri "" --sourcefile "imports/dotnetpro_demo_ontology_2.owl" --username "admin" --password "root" --format "application/rdf+xml"

Clearing entire repository

Clear entire repository. Caution! Use this command with care! The operation cannot be undone!

enapsogdb clearRepository --dburl "http://localhost:7200" --repository "Test" --username "admin" --password "root"

Perform Garbage Collection

Perform the garbage collection of the Ontotext GraphDB.

enapsogdb gc --dburl "http://localhost:7200" --username "admin" --password "root"

Create Repository

Create New Repository in the Ontotext GraphDB.

enapsogdb createRepository --dburl "http://localhost:7200" --repository "TestRepository" --repotitle "Test Repository" --username "admin" --password "root"

Delete Repository

Delete Repository of Ontotext GraphDB.

enapsogdb deleteRepository --dburl "http://localhost:7200" --repository "TestRepository" --username "admin" --password "root"

Create User

Create new user in Ontotext GraphDB.

enapsogdb createUser --dburl "http://localhost:7200" --repository "Test" --username "admin" --password "root" --newusername "TestUser" --newpassword "TestUser" -a "ROLE_USER WRITE_REPO_Test READ_REPO_Test READ_REPO_EnapsoDotNetProDemo"

Update User

Update exisiting user of Ontotext GraphDB.

enapsogdb updateUser --dburl "http://localhost:7200" --repository "Test" --username "admin" --password "root" --newusername "TestUser" --newpassword "TestUser" -a "ROLE_USER WRITE_REPO_Test READ_REPO_Test WRITE_REPO_EnapsoDotNetProDemo READ_REPO_EnapsoDotNetProDemo"

Delete User

Delete exisiting user of Ontotext GraphDB.

enapsogdb deleteUser --dburl "http://localhost:7200" --repository "Test" --username "admin" --password "root" --newusername "TestUser"

Query Method of GraphDB

Read the data from GraphDB

enapsogdb query --dburl "http://localhost:7200" --repository "Test" --username "admin" --password "root" --queryfile "queries/all.sparql" --prefixfile "queries/prefixes.prf" --targetfile "results/countries.csv"

Auto Upload

Add the Ontology files in watcher getting the path of these files from json file and if any change occur it will automatically upload the updated ontology file to GraphDB by getting upload information from json file.

enapsogdb autoUpload --configfile "configfile/configfile.json"

File Types and Data Formats

The following file types are supported:

name: "JSON",
type: "application/rdf+json",
extension: ".json"

name: "JSON-LD",
type: "application/ld+json",
extension: ".jsonld"

name: "RDF-XML",
type: "application/rdf+xml",
extension: ".rdf"

name: "N3",
type: "text/rdf+n3",
extension: ".n3"

name: "N-Triples",
type: "text/plain",
extension: ".nt"

name: "N-Quads",
type: "text/x-nquads",
extension: ".nq"

name: "Turtle",
type: "text/turtle",
extension: ".ttl"

name: "TriX",
type: "application/trix",
extension: ".trix"

name: "TriG",
type: "application/x-trig",
extension: ".trig"

name: "Binary RDF",
type: "application/x-binary-rdf",
extension: ".brf"


npm i @innotrade/enapso-graphdb-cli

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