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Ngx Photo Editor for Angular

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Getting started

Step 1: Install ng-bootstrap

   ng add @ng-bootstrap/ng-bootstrap

Step 2: Install ngx-photo-editor

    npm install ngx-photo-editor --save

Example usage:

Add the NgxPhotoEditorModule to the imports of the module.

      import {NgxPhotoEditorModule} from "ngx-photo-editor";

  imports: [

Add the element to your HTML:

<div><input type="file" (change)="fileChangeEvent($event)"/></div>


<img [src]="base64" alt="">

And add this to your ts file:

import {CroppedEvent} from 'ngx-photo-editor';

export class AppComponent {
  imageChangedEvent: any;
  base64: any;

  fileChangeEvent(event: any) {
    this.imageChangedEvent = event;

  imageCropped(event: CroppedEvent) {
    this.base64 = event.base64;

When you choose a file from the file input, it will trigger fileChangeEvent. That event is then passed to the ngxPhotoEditor through imageChangedEvent which will load the image into the cropper. Everytime you release the mouse, the imageCropped event will be triggerd with the cropped image as a Base64, Blob in its payload.


All inputs are optional. Either the imageChangedEvent, imageBase64 or imageFile or imageUrl should be set to load an image into the cropper.


Name Type Default Description
imageChangedEvent FileEvent The change event from your file input
imageFile Blob(File) The file you want to change
imageBase64 string If you don't want to use a file input, you can set a base64 image directly and it will be loaded into the cropper
imageURL string If you don't want to use a file input or a base64 you can set an URL to get the image from. If requesting an image from a different domain make sure Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is allowed or the image will fail to load.
format string png Output format (png, jpeg, webp, bmp, ico) (not all browsers support all types, png is always supported, others are optional)
aspectRatio number 1 / 1 The width / height ratio (e.g. 1 / 1 for a square, 4 / 3, 16 / 9 ...)
resizeToWidth number 0 (disabled) Cropped image will be resized to this width (in px)
resizeToHeight number 0 (disabled) Cropped image will be resized to this height (in px) (will be ignored if resizeToWidth is set)
roundCropper boolean false Set this to true for a round cropper. Resulting image will still be square, use border-radius: 100% on resulting image to show it as round.
imageQuality number 92 This only applies when using jpeg or webp as output format. Entering a number between 0 and 100 will determine the quality of the output image.
autoCrop boolean true Enable to crop the image automatically when initialized.
autoCropArea number 1 (80% of the image) A number between 0 and 1. Define the automatic cropping area size (percentage).
viewMode number 0 Define the ViewMode of the cropper.
mask boolean true Show the black modal above the image and under the crop box.
guides boolean true Show the dashed lines above the crop box.
centerIndicator boolean true Show the center indicator above the crop box.
canvasHeight number 400 Cropper canvas height.
scalable boolean true Enable to scale the image.
zoomable boolean true Enable to zoom the image.
cropBoxMovable boolean true Enable to move the crop box by dragging.
cropBoxResizable boolean true Enable to resize the crop box by dragging.
modalSize string null Modal Size. ('sm' / 'lg' / 'xl')
modalCentered boolean false Modal Position Centered.
hideModalHeader boolean false Hide Modal Header.
darkTheme boolean true Enable Dark Theme.
imageSmoothingEnabled boolean true Smooth image output.
imageSmoothingQuality string low quality of image smoothing, one of "low" or "medium", or "high".


Name Type Description
imageCropped CroppedEvent Emits an ImageCroppedEvent each time the image is cropped
loadImageFailed void Emits when a wrong file type was selected



Property Type Description
base64 string Base64 string of the cropped image
file file(Blob) Blob(File) of the cropped image


  • Type: Number
  • Default: 0
  • Options:
    • 0: no restrictions
    • 1: restrict the crop box to not exceed the size of the canvas.
    • 2: restrict the minimum canvas size to fit within the container. If the proportions of the canvas and the container differ, the minimum canvas will be surrounded by extra space in one of the dimensions.
    • 3: restrict the minimum canvas size to fill fit the container. If the proportions of the canvas and the container are different, the container will not be able to fit the whole canvas in one of the dimensions.

Define the view mode of the cropper. If you set viewMode to 0, the crop box can extend outside the canvas, while a value of 1, 2 or 3 will restrict the crop box to the size of the canvas. A viewMode of 2 or 3 will additionally restrict the canvas to the container. Note that if the proportions of the canvas and the container are the same, there is no difference between 2 and 3.

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