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    Semantic UI React

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    Hey, we're in development. Prior to reaching v1.0.0:

    1. MINOR versions represent breaking changes
    2. PATCH versions represent fixes and features
    3. There are no deprecation warnings between releases
    4. You should consult the CHANGELOG and related issues/PRs for more information

    Installation & Usage

    See the Documentation for an introduction, usage information, and examples.

    Built With

    • Amazon Publishing — the full-service publisher of Amazon — APub.com
    • Netflix's Edge Developer Experience team's numerous internal apps
    • Netflix's flamescope
    • Microsoft's Teams prototyping
    And many more...

    Example Projects

    This is a listing of example projects and guides that will help you integrate Semantic UI React into your new or existing projects.

    Show projects

    ### webpack See our webpack 3 example project here (includes theming).

    ### SUIcrux Advanced universal starter with Semantic-UI-React. React/Redux/Lazy-loading/SSR/PWA.

    ### semantic-ui-react-todos Semantic UI React implementation of react-redux Todo List.


    Can I use custom Icons? Yes. Just use <Icon className='my-icon' /> instead of `<Icon name='my-icon' />`. See https://github.com/Semantic-Org/Semantic-UI-React/issues/931#issuecomment-263643210 for detailed info and examples.
    How do I setup CSS?

    There are several options. Refer to our doc on CSS Usage.

    Can I use a custom CSS theme? Yes. Semantic UI React includes components that render valid Semantic UI HTML, no CSS is included. This allows you to load any Semantic UI CSS theme on top of your Semantic UI React app.

    Here are some helpful links:

    How Can I Help?

    Voice Your Opinion

    Help shape this library by weighing in on our RFC (request for comments) issues.


    Our CONTRIBUTING.md is a step-by-step setup and development guide.

    Good First Issue

    Issues labeled good first issue are a great way to ease into development on this project.

    Missing Components

    We're seeking component parity with Semantic UI, plus some addons. There is an issue for every missing component, labeled new component. Just comment on the issue you'd like to take.

    Help Wanted Label

    Any other issue labeled help wanted is ready for a PR.


    • No animation dependencies
    • Simple declarative component APIs vs brittle HTML markup
    • Complete keyboard support
    • Complete SUI component definition support
    • Completely documented
    • Completely tested
    • Accessible


    Created by @levithomason and an amazing community of contributors.

    Made possible only by @jlukic authoring Semantic UI.




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