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    Infinite Table

    huge datasets are no longer a problem

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    npm install @infinite-table/infinite-react --save


    Our approach with the InfiniteTable is to go documentation first. From our developer experience we know that most software products lack a good documentation. So we want to be different and start with the documentation first since our purpose is to have an outstanding documentation that developers can actually use.

    Visit API docs

    Development process

    You can start the examples by running:

    npm run dev

    Running the docs

    npm run docs


    Infinite Table is built with extensive end-to-end testing via headless chrome (more exactly, puppeteer). To execute the tests you have to run:

    $ npm run test

    Test pages are found in tests folder - which is part of a nextjs app where every file ending with .page.tsx is a page/route, while it's sibling file with the same name, but ending in .test.tsx is the actual test code. The test code is visiting the sibling page/route, to load the page and executes assertions against the test page.

    The test command command above does 3 things:

    • compiles the nextjs app found in the examples folder - runs next build && next export, which creates an out folder with the resulting examples/tests app
    • starts a webserver that serves the generated out folder on localhost:3000
    • runs jest+puppeteer against the app served at localhost:3000

    Testing in development

    If you want to run the tests in dev mode, to get feedback sooner, you need to run the following (in the source/examples folder):

    • npm run dev - to run the nextjs app in development, on port 3000
    • npm run test:watch to run jest on changed files - optionally add a test path pattern like npm run test:watch -- --testPathPattern=x/y/z


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    npm i @infinite-table/infinite-react

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