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this package has been deprecated


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JavaScript Array Extension

A small library with array generic operations.

WARNING!!!! The npm scope of this package was removed from his name.

Please do not install this package anymore, instead go to


Installation becomes: npm install js-array-ext

Philosophy under the hood

I think that most of the time what algorithm's programer does is iterate in different ways over one or many list of element and for each iteration applying a process. Some of those iteration are simply join, intersection, etc, in the other occasions could be no so easy to see which is the generic iteration/operation we need.

In this small library I try to do basically four things:

  • Add basic Array's iterations.
  • Add basic operation over Sorted Arrays with unduplicated values, I call those type of arrays as srtf (Sorted and Filtered).
  • Add complex Array's iterations.
  • Add complex iterations over srtf Arrays.

All the functions in this library are built base on current JS Array methods (see as much as possible or in function defined in this library.


npm install js-array-ext

npm install js-array-ext


  • Markdown style documentation: API-MD
  • HTML style documentation: API-HTML


var idtArray = require('@ideastouch/js-array-ext');
var srt = [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5];
var compareNumber = (num1, num2) => num1 - num2;
var srtSliceFind = idtArray.sliceFind(srt, 3, compareNumber);

Output should be [3, 4, 5]



var xCoords = [3, 4, 6, 8];
var yCoords = [1, 5, 2, 4];
var points = [];
xCoords.forEach(x => {
	yCoords.forEach(y, => {
		points.push({x, y});


var idtArray = require('@ideastouch/js-array-ext');
var xCoords = [3, 4, 6, 8];
var yCoords = [1, 5, 2, 4];
var points = idtArray.combine(xCoords, yCoords, (x, y) => ({x, y}));
// BTW: If we want a new list of sorted points base on point distance
// to origin (0, 0) we can just do:
var DD = p => p.x * p.x + p.y * p.y; // DD is for Delta * Delta.
var DDCompare = (p1, p2) => DD(p1) - DD(p2);
var srtPnts = idtArray.sort(points, DDCompare);


npm test

Future Functions

splitFilter(array, processFunction)

Split array in tree Array, one for elements in which processFunction return negative number, one for case return cero and one for case return positive numbers.

reduceMap(array, processFunction, reduceFunction, initial)

Call to processFunction for each element and and push each result in an Array. Then call to reduceFunction in same way as Array.reduce. Default for initial is an empty Array and default for reduceFunction is Array.concat


So far only my self.


npm i @ideastouch/js-array-ext

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