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IBM Cloud Secrets Manager Node SDK

A Node.js client library to interact with the IBM Cloud® Secrets Manager APIs.

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The IBM Cloud Secrets Manager Node.js SDK allows developers to programmatically interact with the following IBM Cloud services:

Service name Import path
Secrets Manager @ibm-cloud/secrets-manager/secrets-manager/v2



npm install @ibm-cloud/secrets-manager


Secrets Manager uses token-based Identity and Access Management (IAM) authentication.

With IAM authentication, you supply an API key that is used to generate an access token. Then, the access token is included in each API request to Secrets Manager. Access tokens are valid for a limited amount of time and must be regenerated.

Authentication for this SDK is accomplished by using IAM authenticators. Import authenticators from @ibm-cloud/secrets-manager/auth.


Programmatic credentials

import { IamAuthenticator } from '@ibm-cloud/secrets-manager/auth';

const authenticator = new IamAuthenticator({
  apikey: '{apikey}',

External configuration

import { getAuthenticatorFromEnvironment } from '@ibm-cloud/secrets-manager/auth';

// env vars
const iamAuthenticator = getAuthenticatorFromEnvironment('SECRETS_MANAGER_API');

To learn more about IAM authenticators and how to use them in your Node.js application, see the IBM Node.js SDK Core documentation.

Using the SDK

Basic usage

  • All methods return a Promise that either resolves with the response from the service or rejects with an Error. The response contains the body, the headers, the status code, and the status text. If using async/await, use try/catch for handling errors.
  • Use the serviceUrl parameter to set the endpoint URL that is specific to your Secrets Manager service instance. To find your endpoint URL, you can copy it from the Endpoints page in the Secrets Manager UI.


Construct a service client and use it to create and retrieve a secret from your Secrets Manager instance.

const SecretsManager = require('@ibm-cloud/secrets-manager/secrets-manager/v2');
const { IamAuthenticator } = require('@ibm-cloud/secrets-manager/auth');

async function secretsManagerSdkExample() {
  // Authenticate with IAM using your IBM Cloud API key
  const authenticator = new IamAuthenticator({
    apikey: process.env.SECRETS_MANAGER_API_APIKEY,

  // Create an instance of the SDK by providing an authentication mechanism and your Secrets Manager instance URL
  const secretsManager = new SecretsManager({

  // Use the Secrets Manager API to create a secret
  let res = await secretsManager.createSecret({
    secretPrototype:  {
      custom_metadata: { metadata_custom_key: 'metadata_custom_value' },
      description: 'Description of my arbitrary secret.',
      expiration_date: '2023-10-05T11:49:42Z',
      labels: ['dev', 'us-south'],
      name: 'example-arbitrary-secret',
      secret_group_id: 'default',
      secret_type: 'arbitrary',
      payload: 'secret-data',
      version_custom_metadata: { custom_version_key: 'custom_version_value' },

  console.log('Secret created:\n' + JSON.stringify(res.result, null, 2));

  // Get the ID of the newly created secret
  const secretId = res.result.id;

  // Use the Secrets Manager API to get the secret using the secret ID
  res = await secretsManager.getSecret({
    id: secretId,

  console.log('Get secret:\n', JSON.stringify(res.result, null, 2));


To delete a secret, specify its id.

  res = await secretsManager.deleteSecret({
    id: secretId,

  console.log('Secret deleted.');

Create a secret group, and then add a new secret to this group.

 // Create a secret group
    const createGroupParams = { name: 'Test Group', description: 'Group my test secrets' };

    let res = await secretsManager.createSecretGroup(createGroupParams);
    const secretGroupId = res.result.id;

    // Create a secret and associate it with your secret group
    res = await secretsManager.createSecret({
      secretPrototype: {
          secret_group_id: secretGroupId,
          name: "Test secret",
          description: 'Secret used for testing.',
          username: 'test_user',
          password: 'test_password',
          labels: ['label1'],
          expiration_date: '2030-04-01T09:30:00Z',

Create a rotation policy of one month for a secret.

    let res = await secretsManager.createSecret({
  secretPrototype:  {
    custom_metadata: { metadata_custom_key: 'metadata_custom_value' },
    description: 'Description of my arbitrary secret.',
    expiration_date: '2023-10-05T11:49:42Z',
    labels: ['dev', 'us-south'],
    name: 'example-arbitrary-secret',
    secret_group_id: 'default',
    secret_type: 'arbitrary',
    payload: 'secret-data',
    version_custom_metadata: { custom_version_key: 'custom_version_value' },
    rotation: {
      auto_rotate: true,
      interval: 1,
      unit: month,

For more information and IBM Cloud SDK usage examples for Node.js, see the IBM Cloud SDK Common documentation


This project includes unit tests test/unit and integration tests test/integration.

The integration tests are run against an actual Secrets Manager instance and require the following environment variables to be set:


To run the tests:

npm test


If you're having difficulties using this SDK, you can ask questions about this project by using Stack Overflow. Be sure to include the ibm-cloud and ibm-secrets-manager tags.

You can also check out the Secrets Manager documentation and API reference for more information about the service.


If you encounter an issue with the project, you're welcome to submit a bug report to help us improve.


For general contribution guidelines, see CONTRIBUTING.


This SDK project is released under the Apache 2.0 license. The license's full text can be found in LICENSE.



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