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In your entry point…

require('@iarna/lib')('lib/', 'my/other/lib/')

Later, maybe in another library…

const abc = use('abc') // loads lib/abc.js or my/other/lib/abc.js or lib/abc/index.js etc


Declare intra-package library paths and load modules from them.


So the intent here is to save you from require('../../../lib/foo.js'). The require thing is particuarly annoying to deal with if you're moving source files around—no one wants to have to edit their source code just 'cause they did an mv.

So this bit of mad science to the rescue. It adds a new global function called use. use is exactly like require except that instead of searching node_modules folders in various places it instead searches the paths you specified when you loaded @iarna/lib.

And when I say it's like require I mean, it is require, module cache and everything. If you require('../../../lib/foo.js') elsewhere you'll get the same copy of the module.


The implementation of this involves mucking about with module.paths and then using module.require to load things. This works great but is the kind of thing that'll get you scowls from the folks responsible for Node internals.