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    JSON Resume Schema

    This is an extension/adaptation of the official JSON Resume schema, provided alongside a very small TypeScript library with type definitions and validation functions for resume data. It is intended to be useful both as a continuation of the original standard (which hasn't received updates in some time) and as a utility for users of the original standard (since any changes will be strictly backwards-compatible).

    Extensions to the standard

    This section is a complete list of extensions to the original standard.

    • Certain properties are now required, such as the name of a language in the languages section. While this is technically backwards-incompatible, it is highly unlikely that any tools actually support the omission of these properties, and their omission does not make sense in any context anyways.
    • Items within sections (such as a job or educational experience) may have an importance property, which is a non-negative number giving a relative amount of importance to that item. For example, a major job experience might be given an importance of 100 and a minor one an importance of 10; tools that support this property can use these values to generate shortened resumes with only items above a certain threshold.


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