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Hypermedia is a web3-based video hosting platform designed for creators and businesses. It simplifies the process of hosting and sharing HD videos, catering to a growing community of users. The platform emphasizes ease of use, allowing users to quickly upload videos either directly or via links from social media sites. It distinguishes itself by providing an ad-free experience, especially beneficial for businesses seeking to organize and present their content without distractions. Hypermedia also offers free video uploads, appealing to a wide range of users from individual creators to larger businesses.

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What is Client Uploader?

Client Uploader is a library for handling media file uploads in web applications. Integrating Uppy and tus-js-client, this library simplifies the process of uploading files to your server and provides extensive customization and callback options.


  • Easy Integration: Seamlessly adds media file uploading to your projects.
  • Customizable: Offers various options to control file types, sizes, and the number of files.
  • Progress Tracking: In-built callback functions to track upload progress.
  • Error Handling: Robust mechanisms to handle and report errors during uploads.


Install Client Uploader via npm:

npm install @hypermedialabs/uploader


yarn add @hypermedialabs/uploader


First, import the HypermediaUploader function:

import HypermediaUploader from '@hypermedialabs/uploader';

Then, implement the uploader in your application:

const { uploader } = new HypermediaUploader(endpoint, options);

function handleChange(event) {
  // Get the file from the event
  const files = event.target.files[0];

  // Add the file to the uploader
  // `addFiles` is a method from Uppy

API Reference

HypermediaUploader(endpoint, options)

  • endpoint: string - The server endpoint to get upload information. This upload information is REQUIRED to upload your video into our servers. We recommend strongly use the Hypermedia Gateway to make sure your information is secure from CSRF attacks but you can use any server you want to make the request to our API and get the upload information anyway.
  • options: Object - Configuration options for the uploader.
    • onError: function - Callback for upload errors.
    • onProgress: function - Callback for tracking upload progress.
    • onSuccess: function - Callback for successful uploads.
    • autoProceed: boolean - Whether to start uploading automatically after adding files.
    • debug: boolean - Whether to enable debug mode.
    • restrictions: Object - Restriction options for the uploader.
      • minFileSize: number - Minimum file size for upload.
      • maxFileSize: number - Maximum file size for upload.

Additionally, you have access to all the events from Uppy. You can read more about them in the Uppy Events documentation.


Contributions to Client Uploader are welcome! Please read Contributing for details.

Code of Conduct

All contributors are expected to adhere to the project's Code of Conduct. Please read Code of Conduct before contributing.


Client Uploader is MIT licensed.

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