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Hyperlane CLI

The Hyperlane CLI is a command-line tool written in Typescript that facilitates common operations on Hyperlane, such as deploying the core contracts and/or warp routes to new chains.

Hyperlane overview

Hyperlane is an interchain messaging protocol that allows applications to communicate between blockchains.

Developers can use Hyperlane to share state between blockchains, allowing them to build interchain applications that live natively across multiple chains.

To read more about interchain applications, how the protocol works, and how to integrate with Hyperlane, please see the documentation.


Node 16 or newer is required.

Option 1: Global install:

# Install with NPM
npm install -g @hyperlane-xyz/cli
# Or uninstall old versions
npm uninstall -g @hyperlane-xyz/cli

Option 2: Temp install:

# Run via NPM's npx command
npx @hyperlane-xyz/cli
# Or via Yarn's dlx command
yarn dlx @hyperlane-xyz/cli

Option 3: Run from source:

git clone https://github.com/hyperlane-xyz/hyperlane-monorepo.git
cd hyperlane-monorepo
yarn install && yarn build
cd typescript/cli
yarn hyperlane

Common commands

View help: hyperlane --help

Create a core deployment config: hyperlane config create

Run hyperlane core deployments: hyperlane deploy core

Run warp route deployments: hyperlane deploy warp

View SDK contract addresses: hyperlane chains addresses

Send test message: hyperlane send message

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