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⚠️ This project is for Mirador 3, the latest version of Mirador. For Mirador 2, please see ProjectMirador/mirador2 or legacy documentation on the Mirador 2 wiki. Please note that the community's focus is on Mirador 3, and are unlikely to accept pull requests or provide support for Mirador 2.


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For Mirador Users

You can quickly use and configure Mirador by remixing the mirador-start Glitch.

We recommend installing Mirador using a JavaScript package manager like npm or yarn.

$ npm install mirador 

# or

$ yarn add mirador

If you are interested in integrating Mirador with plugins into your project, we recommend using webpack or parcel to integrate the es version of the packages. Examples are here:


If you want to simply embed Mirador in an HTML page without further customization, include the Mirador UMD build:

<script src="https://unpkg.com/mirador@latest/dist/mirador.min.js"></script>

More examples of embedding Mirador can be found at https://github.com/ProjectMirador/mirador/wiki/M3-Embedding-in-Another-Environment#in-an-html-document-with-javascript.

Adding translations to Mirador

For help with adding a translation, see src/locales/README.md

Running Mirador locally for development

Mirador local development requires nodejs to be installed.

  1. Run npm install to install the dependencies.

Starting the project

$ npm start

Then navigate to

Instantiating Mirador

var miradorInstance = Mirador.viewer({
  id: 'mirador' // id selector where Mirador should be instantiated

> miradorInstance
{ actions, store }

Example Action

Add a window:


To focus a window run:


Check current state


Running the tests

$ npm test # For headless CI=true npm test

or to continually watch the source files

$ npm run test:watch

Linting the project

$ npm run lint


Local instance

The following browser extensions are useful for debugging a local development instance of Mirador:

Test suite

To debug the test suite, run:

$ npm run test:debug

then spin up a nodejs inspector client and set some breakpoints. See here for a guide to debugging with Chrome DevTools.



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