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    This package builds off of the principles in @howto/browser-modules but extends it with some React specific things to make development and testing easier.


    Where @howto/browser-modules gives a general purpose browser module, this package illustrates the process of creating a standalone React component that addresses many of the concerns of component develoeprs. This package will build off of the principles of bundling and exporting modules illustrated in the general @howto/browser-modules package so it is recommended you start there.


    Everything from @howto/browser-modules still applies. Build your component in an isolate manner and test it the same way your users will use it.

    index.tsx vs. component.tsx

    When developing a component I find it nice to be able to actually build with the component in an "app-like" environment. To facilitate that, this package takes the create-react-app approach and, leveraging react-scripts, loads the component as if it was loaded in an application. This allows you to develop the component in isolation while still having some of the DevEx niceties. To faciliate this, the src/ folder contains both an index.tsx as well as a component.tsx. The component.tsx is designed for you to actually be able to implement your component. It is the package that is built and exported and is ultimately where 99% of your development time will be spent. index.tsx is there to allow you as a component author to exercise your component's API.

    Cypress Component Testing

    "Oh why would you develop in an app-like environment you should just do TDD"

    • Someone I'm sure

    Because some people prefer TDD, this component also provides integration with Cypress component testing. In lieu of Jest, this package encourages you to test your visual components the same way your users, use them. The DevEx is quite nice and it makes for very stable components (you're actually testing what your users, use!) try it out with yarn test-watch in this components.




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