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Pronounced as "huːbz"

Disclaimer. This package runs a postinstall script. This script is used to build a component used to enable terminals from the browser. This script can be reviewed Here.

HOOBS a stack that simplifies your smart home.


HOOBS goal is to make unconnected smart home devices more accessible to new inexperienced users and advanced users. To achieve this HOOBS' aim to unify, simplify and make the an ecosystem that is more user-friendly.

Starting with a standardized installation in the form of a free downloadable image file that can be easily written to an sdcard. Up to the complete hardware solution which works out of the box.

We’re a small team from around the world who are passionate about making the home that you live in a better home – a smart home. That is why we came up with the idea of developing HOOBS which is an out of the box ready to run system. We want to create a solution that even beginners could understand, comfortable with and get a lot of use out of.



HOOBS™ is Located at: HOOBS Inc. CP 3211 L’Assomption, QC J5W 4M9, Canada

HOOBS and the HOOBS logo are registered trademarks of HOOBS Inc. Copyright (C) 2020 HOOBS Inc. All rights reserved.

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