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Utils (@hint/utils)

Set of tools for hint.


To install the package, you need to run:

npm install @hint/utils


The tools included in this package are:

  • asyncTry: Wrap an async function, returning null if the evaluation throws and exception.
  • get-hints-from-extends: Returns all hints in a configuration, including hints inside the extended configurations.


  • getFriendlyName: Get the friendly name of a browser from an id.
  • getUnsupported: Get browsers without support for CSS or HTML features.
  • getUnsupportedDetails: Get browsers without support with details on when support was added or removed.
  • isSupported: Query MDN for support of CSS or HTML features.


  • get: Get the value from the config store.
  • set: Set a value in the config store.


  • determineMediaTypeBasedOnFileExtension: Get a mime-type associated with the specified file extension.
  • determineMediaTypeBasedOnFileName: Get a mime-type associated with the specified filename.
  • determineMediaTypeForScript: Check if the provided mime-type is a recognized mime-type for JavaScript, returning the recommended mime-type if so, null otherwise.
  • getContentTypeData: Try to determine the correct mime-type for a response.
  • getFileExtension: Try to determine a resource's file extension.
  • getType: Returns the group to which the mediaType belongs to. E.g.: image, font, script, css, html, manifest, xml or unknown.
  • isTextMediaType: Check if a mime-type represents a text-based resource.


  • error: Cover for console.error.
  • log: Cover for console.log.
  • warn: Cover for console.warn.


  • askQuestion: Asks a y/n question to the user defaulting to Yes.
  • delay: Convenience wrapper to add a delay using promises.
  • mergeEnvWithOptions: Merges any webhint_ prefixed environment variable available with the given options object.


  • installPackages: Install the given packages.
  • search: Searches all the packages in npm given searchTerm.
  • getOfficialPackages: Get core packages from npm.
  • getUnnoficialPackages: Get external packages from npm.


  • findNodeModulesRoot: Find the node_modules folder where hint is installed as a dependency or returns the hint node_modules folder if not.
  • findPackageRoot: Searches for the first folder that contains the fileToFind going up the tree.
  • isOfficial: Returns if the hint that is going to be created is an official.
  • loadPackage: Returns the package found in the given pathString or an exception if no package is found.
  • hasMultipleResources: Returns true if a hint package is a multi-hint.
  • isFullPackageName: Returns true if the name is a full package name.
  • loadHintPackage: Returns the package hint.
  • loadResource: Returns a resource if it exists.
  • requirePackage: Require a package, compatible with webpack.

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