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Don't Repeat Yourself

Bootstrapping a new project always consists of the exact same steps like setting up TypeScript, installing dependencies, configuring a linter, adding various miscellaneous files and so on.

@hideoo/create-app is a very opinionated CLI utility to help me quickly bootstrap a new project by either:

  • creating a new project from scratch
  • updating a new project generated with pnpm create vite or pnpm create next-app

Note: pnpm and the GitHub CLI are required to use this utility.


$ pnpm create @hideoo/app

And that's it, no options, no configuration and no extra tweaks needed, you are ready to go!


Either create a new app from scratch (in the current directory or a new directory) or update an existing app.



  • Pre-fill most common fields
  • Add a lint script to lint, ensure formatting and typecheck the code
  • Enforce the package manager to the latest version of pnpm (reused in GitHub Actions)
  • Enforce a minimum Node.js version (reused in GitHub Actions)
  • Optionally add the configuration for publishing to npm
  • Sort all well-known fields based on custom rules


  • Automatically install all dependencies using pnpm
  • Pin all new and existing dependencies to the exact latest version (versions are fetched from jsDelivr)


  • Automatically run Prettier and ESLint with the --fix option on all files (this is particularly useful when updating an existing project to ensure all files match the proper code style)
  • Add various various pre-filled files like .gitignore, README.md and LICENSE


  • Initialize a new Git repository if needed
  • Setup a pre-commit hook to run Prettier on all staged files and ESLint on supported staged files
  • If a repository matching the name of the app exists on GitHub, enable the GitHub repository setting to automatically delete head branches after pull requests are merged
  • Stage added or updated files during the creation of the app at the end of the process

GitHub Actions

  • Create an integration workflow to lint, ensure formatting, typecheck and test the project for every push on the main branch or pull request
  • Add a customizable release workflow that can be triggered by bumping the version number in a commit with a tag matching the new version number (or just running pnpx bumpp)
    • The release workflow will fail if the integration workflow fails
    • A new release containing the changelog will be published on GitHub based on conventional commits
    • Optionally, if the app is a public npm package, a webpage to create a new npm automation access token will be opened during the installation in order to automatically add the new token as a secret to the repository matching the name of the app on GitHub if it exists. The release workflow will also be modified to publish the package with provenance to the npm registry.


Licensed under the MIT License, Copyright © HiDeoo.

See LICENSE for more information.

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