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A TypeScript implementation of a byte (octet) allowing easy bit manipulations.

1. Description

This library provides a simple implementation of a byte (aka octet) in a TypeScript class. I developed this "library" (which consists of merely one TypeScript class) for two purposes:

  • for use in my EnOcean-Core library and associated files, and
  • to understand, test and (hopefully) streamline my development process for more complex projects.

Hence: Feel free to use it, if it helps, but do not expect rocket science. :)

2. Installation

This library is available as a Node.js-module. You can thus use Node.js' package manager npm to install the latest production version from the npm registry by executing

npm i @henningkerstan/byte

in your Node.js project's repository. This library does not require/install any dependencies.

3. Usage

Since this library is written in TypeScript, you can use it both with TypeScript as well as with plain JavaScript. Below you can find short examples to get you started in both languages.

The library also comes with an online documentation. A good starting point for further reading is the documentation of the Byte class. Moreover, as this documentation is generated from source code comments using TypeDoc, a supported editor (like Visual Studio Code) can provide on-the-fly information on functions, parameters, etc..

3.1 Importing the module

To use any of the functionality we need to import the module.

import { Byte } from "@henningkerstan/byte"

3.2 Examples

Here are some toy examples - you can also have a look at the Jasmine spec (aka test script) for more examples.

const byte1 = Byte.allZero()
byte1.setBit(1, 3)

const byte2 = Byte.fromUInt8LSB(123)

4. Contributing

Contact the main author (Henning Kerstan) if you want to contribute. More details will be available here soon.

Note that this project uses semantic versioning.

5. License

Copyright 2021 Henning Kerstan

SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0




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