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This module contains a couple different OAuth clients that can be configured by other plugins:

  1. keycloak - a plugin that integrates with Keycloak
  2. osoauth - a plugin that integrates with the OAuth backend used in OpenShift origin

In either case these plugins need to be configured at application bootstrap.


Simply create a HawtioKeycloak.config at bootstrap:

hawtioPluginLoader.registerPreBootstrapTask((next) => {
  HawtioKeycloak.config = {
    clientId: 'hawtio-client',
    url: 'http://localhost:8080/auth',
    realm: 'hawtio-demo' 
}, true);

The HawtioKeycloak.config accepts all the parameters that the official Keycloak JavaScript adapter supports.


Very similar to Keycloak, except you initialize the OSOAuthConfig object with the location of the OpenShift API:

hawtioPluginLoader.registerPreBootstrapTask((next) => {
  OSOAuthConfig = {
    oauth_authorize_uri: "https://localhost:8443/oauth/authorize",
    oauth_client_id: "openshift-web-console",
    logout_uri: ""
}, true);

Note in either case we need to pass true to hawtioPluginLoader.registerPreBootstrapTask so that it's added to the start of the bootstrap queue.

In general for OAuth we want to establish the user's credentials at app bootstrap, as many services tend to need them to access backend services.


yarn add @hawtio/oauth


If you plan to contribute to this project or run it locally for testing, you'll need either an OpenShift Origin installation or a Keycloak server.

To start developing, install all the yarn dependencies:

yarn install

And then just execute:

yarn start

It will start a simple web server that is updated every time a new change in the target files is detected. If your browser is supported, the page is also refreshed when changes are detected.

The application is available at If you add any extra dependency, you'll need to execute the first steps again.

Whenever the build completes the compiled .js file will be put into the dist/ directory. Don't forget to first do a yarn build before committing changes!

Turn on source maps generation for debugging TypeScript

If you want to debug .ts using a browser developer tool such as Chrome DevTools, pass the --sourcemap flag:

yarn start --sourcemap

Do not use this flag when you are committing the compiled .js file, as it embeds source maps to the output file. Use this flag only during development.

Keycloak setup for development

You can import the realm sample file located in test-plugins/hawtio-demo-realm.json into Keycloak. To do that, start Keycloak and select "Add Realm" and then select the sample JSON file. Alternatively, you can import the file automatically on the first boot:

./bin/standalone.sh -Dkeycloak.import=/path/to/hawtio-demo-realm.json

If you decide to import this file, an user will be available for testing. The username is jdoe and the password is password.




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