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    GitHub Classroom Scraper

    Scraper for obtaining information about activities from a GitHub classroom.


    • Have installed the latest version of node.
    • Enabled 2 factor authentication in your GitHub account, with an authenticator app.
    • You need to set env variables with your GitHub username and password, they are GH_EMAIL, GH_PASSWORD respectively.


    To install this tool, you need to do it with npm. We suggest to do it globally if you are going to use only the CLI.

    npm i -g @hackademymx/github-classroom-scraper

    or if you prefer you could install it locally

    npm i @hackademymx/github-classroom-scraper



    To use the CLI tool, you need to type:

    github-classroom-scraper -u YOUR_CLASSROOM_URL -o YOUR_OTP

    The different flags are:

    Option Name Description Required Default
    u classroom-url The URL of your classroom. e.g. https://classroom.github.com/classrooms/your-classroom YES NA
    o otp The one time password of your 2FA YES NA
    r regular-wait The waiting interval in ms for fetching info. Increase it for low speed connections NO 5000
    h headless It controls if you see the automated browser or no NO true

    It will throw two files:

    • resultsPerActivity.json: All the results per activity in the following format:
      "Activity Name": [
          "userName": "student username",
          "description": "The user's activity message. e.g. 'Latest commit passed 7 commits Submitted'",
          "activityTitle": "Activity Name",
          "isSubmitted": "Parsed submitted value in description",
          "commitsMade": "Parsed commits value in description"
    • resultsPerUser.csv: A condensed activities for JS and Python exercises. It has the following columns:
    User Activities Submitted Python Completed JS Completed Total Tried Activities


    To use this as a module, just import it as another dependency

    import scraper from "@hackademymx/github-classroom-scraper";

    This is an async function, that has the following signature:

    scraper(githubClassroomUrl, user, password, otp, { regularWait, headless, navigationTimeout, defaultViewport, generateFiles }) -> Object
    Param Description Default
    githubClasroomUrl The URL of your classroom. e.g. https://classroom.github.com/classrooms/your-classroom NA
    user Your GitHub user NA
    password Your GitHub password NA
    otp The one time password that the app throws you NA
    regularWait The time that waits in ms to info to load. Increase for low speed connections 5000
    headless If you want to see the actual browser working true
    navigationTimeout Time that browser with no interaction will wait in ms before throwing an exception 24000
    defaultViewport The viewport that the browser will launch. Null for max resolution null
    generateFiles Generate result files as the cli true

    The result object will be a list of objects that have the following structure:

        userName: "The username of the student that solved the activity",
          "The description of the activity e.g. 'Latest commit passed  6 commits  Not Submitted'",
        activityTitle: "The title of the activity",


    Fork the repo, and install the dependencies:

    npm install

    Feel free to open an issue or pull request. Contributions welcome!


    This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

    Made with 💙 and 🌮 in 🇲🇽


    npm i @hackademymx/github-classroom-scraper

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