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This module takes artifacts and uploads them to riff-raff for deployment.

How to use

Install @guardian/node-riffraff-artifact. yarn add --dev @guardian/node-riffraff-artifact

This can also be used from npx or yarn dlx without installation.

Create a file named artifact.json in the same directory as your package.json.

  "projectName": "(name of your project)",
  "vcsURL": "(github url)",
  "actions": [
      "action": "(the name of the deployment in riffraff)",
      "path": "(each individual deployment from your riff-raff.yaml file)",
      "compress": "('zip' or 'tar' or false)"

Run node-riffraff-artifact as a yarn script, this will upload your riff-raff.yaml file to S3, generate and upload a build.json, and each action to the artifact bucket.

This can be run with a flag --dryRun which will use a local s3 mock. This will create a temporary directory and place the deployed files in there.

Within GitHub Actions

node-riffraff-artifact will upload files to S3. When run in TeamCity, we gain credentials via TeamCity's InstanceProfile policy.

To give GitHub Actions permissions to upload to S3 use the @guardian/actions-assume-aws-role Action. Ensure you use the Action before node-riffraff-artifact. A secret (GU_RIFF_RAFF_ROLE_ARN) has been added Guardian GitHub organisation that can be used for the value of awsRoleToAssume.

For example:

name: CI
      - main
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      id-token: write
      contents: read
        node-version: [14.17.4]
      - uses: actions/checkout@v2
      - uses: guardian/actions-assume-aws-role@v1
          awsRoleToAssume: ${{ secrets.GU_RIFF_RAFF_ROLE_ARN }}
      - name: Use Node.js ${{ matrix.node-version }}
        uses: actions/setup-node@v2.4.0
          node-version: ${{ matrix.node-version }}
      - run: npm run node-riffraff-artifact

Migrating Riff-Raff project to GitHub Actions from TeamCity

Riff-Raff will only trigger continuous deployment for builds of the default branch if the latest build number is greater than the previously deployed build number.

If you've been running in TeamCity for a while you'll likely have a pretty large build number. When moving to GitHub Actions, the build number restarts from 1. Therefore, you'll likely witness your project's continuous deployment no longer working.

To solve this, it is easiest to change the value of projectName within artifact.json, creating a new project in Riff-Raff. Once this change has been merged, you should also:

  1. Add a restriction which prevents anyone from accidentally deploying the old Riff-Raff project.
  2. Update your Continuous Deployment configuration to use the new project name.
  3. Update your Scheduled Deployment configuration to use the new project name.
  4. Pause the TeamCity build configuration - this can be deleted entirely once you are confident that the GitHub Actions pipeline is working. Be sure to pause the TeamCity project too. Whilst this requires some co-ordination with your team, it is a one off process.

Migrating from node-riffraff-artefact

If your project uses node-riffraff-artefact (with an e), then you can run yarn node-riffraff-artifact --import which will make some guesses about what should be in your artifact.json file.

If you're happy with the output suggested, this can be copied to artifact.json or you could run yarn node-riffraff-artifact --import 2> artifact.json.

It is likely that node-riffraff-artefact was run with an argument to select what is uploaded. You will need to change path to reflect this.

You can then delete all the node-riffraff-artefact specific entries from your package.json.


It's strongly reccomended to not use path: '.' as this will include your node_modules directory, including all development dependencies. Instead consider @zeit/ncc, which can be used with the flags -m -e aws-sdk to minify and also to exclude the aws-sdk, which is included in the lambda runtime. You may have to change your build process if you were previously uploading ..




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