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    GroupBy Elements Search Box Component


    The component accepts text input and dispatches events based on input.

    This component listens for and dispatches a number of events. These events are defined in the @groupby/elements-events package.

    Received Events


    This component listens for this event and updates the value property and input box value with the search term from the event's payload. Additionally, this event may trigger a search request if the payload contains a trigger.

    Dispatched Events


    Dispatched when a user clicks on the clear button.


    Dispatched when a user clicks anywhere within the search box input area.


    Dispatched when the value changes inside the search box input.


    Dispatched when a user clicks on the search button or hits enter within the search box. May also be dispatched when receiving an UPDATE_SEARCH_TERM event.


    The GB Elements Search Box component allows for optional inclusion of a clear button and a search button. Placeholder text within the search box is also customizable. Users of the component can add the following attributes to the custom element:

    • clearbutton: adds clear button
    • searchbutton: adds search button
    • placeholder: if populated with a string, will replace the default placeholder text in the search box.
    • group: Optional attribute to add this component to a grouping of related search components. The component will only act on events if they contain the same group name as the component.


    The test suite for this component is contained in the test directory. To run the tests, use the following commands:

    • To run the unit tests once:
    yarn test
    • To run the unit tests and watch the src and test directories to rerun the tests after any changes:
    yarn tdd
    • To run the interaction tests once:
    yarn test:interaction
    • To run the interaction tests and watch the src and test directories to rerun the tests after any changes:
    yarn tdd:interaction
    • To run both the unit and interaction tests once:
    yarn test:all




    npm i @groupby/elements-search-box

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