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    Right now our select is bound with AntD library and this is not good, but at least it works as we need it at our search form project:

    Simple project where i'm testing how this component work:

    we also have a separated repo for just testing this selects:

    and our meal form that we has right now at #23 and move later to recipe-box project is: &

    we also can try to combine our meal form at separated calendar plugin in order to test that everything is working fine

    answer the question - can we have this package build without having AntD as dependencies here???

    I want to make a 2 versions of this component: clean, without any markup

    and version that work with antd select - which is our current ui library and version with react-select - which we trying to use, but it was hard for me to make it work for our case....

    Hierarhy is:

        - GroupedElements
          - SelectContainer

    SelectContainer uses AntD design.

    ReactSelectWrapper uses React-select module

    • [ ] add ability to call components like ~"name/%Component_Folder%" == "name/Component_Folder/Component_name" at babel config

    • [ ] test how Creatable will handle a disabled flag(i assume ok, but we don't know it)

    • [ ] handle ingredients case - when you have 13000 items - and it's better to fetch them dynamically


    npm i @groceristar/select-component

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