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Wijmo is a complete set of JavaScript UI components for enterprise development. It includes a powerful data grid, charts, pivot tools, inputs, and much more and is available in your favorite framework, including Angular, React, and Vue.

Cut your development time in half with Wijmo's lightweight, high-performance JavaScript UI components.

Check out our popular FlexGrid data grid control.

Read more about Wijmo NPM Packages

Get What You're Missing From NPM!

Make sure to download Wijmo to get the full developer pack. NPM only includes our JS components, but our developer pack includes hundreds of samples with source code for every JS framework, real-world reference applications, and much more!

Download the Wijmo Developer Pack to jump-start your project.

Free Licenses

Download the Wijmo Developer Pack today, and you will be entered to win a one-year Wijmo developer license. Five winners are randomly selected and awarded each month. The winners will be notified via e-mail.

Offer applies to Wijmo one-year developer licenses only. Not to be combined with other offers. One entry per user. Winners are selected randomly from the monthly download pool. Please allow 30 days for notification.


Over 450 feature samples available in any JavaScript framework

We also have real-world reference applications available in any JavaScript framework

Sample source code available with our Wijmo Developer Pack.


To install latest release version:

npm install @grapecity/wijmo.all

To install latest nightly build:

npm install @grapecity/wijmo.all@nightly

To install latest RC build:

npm install @grapecity/wijmo.all@rc


On-line documentation is available here:


Wijmo is commercially licensed per developer.

Read more about Wijmo Licensing.


Wijmo Exclusive Developer Pack Available Here


Wijmo Support You Need, When You Need It

Whether it is through documentation and how-tos, support tickets, or phone assistance, we have one mission: to help you be even more successful. With our Customer Engagement Team, you get direct access to the developers building Wijmo, who will work with you to resolve any issue. You will be in good hands: our current customer satisfaction rating is 85%.

Support plans available with a GrapeCity Wijmo license

Product support is available through the following mediums:

Questions and Feedback

We value your feedback and utilize suggestions to help create product roadmaps. Tell us what you think.

Submit questions to our team of Wijmo Experts


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