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    Gowiz search bars are highly customisable powerful components that can enhance your page experience and that respect the privacy of your users.

    Getting started

       npm install @gowiz/searchbar

    After that the following components will be available

    // CommonJS
    const { Searchbox, Searchbar } = require('@gowiz/searchbar');
    // ES6
    import { Searchbox, Searchbar } from '@gowiz/searchbar';


    Search box

    This component allows you to create a fully functional search bar that forwards the query to the Gowiz search engine. By default this component does not require any properties and it renders as follows.


    The search bar is highly customizable and the following properties can be set.

    Name Description Default Restrictions
    query a query that will be set as the initial input value 0 < x < 2024 characters
    placeholder a placeholder that will be showed when input is empty 0 < x < 150 characters
    useCaching specify if typed searches should be saved in the cache true
    showInputSearchIcon specify if the search icon is displayed next to the input true
    showResultsSearchIcon specify if search icon is displayed next to suggestions true
    useAutoComplete specify if Gowiz autocomplete is used true
    useAutoFocus specify if the search bar is focused false
    useDarkTheme specify if the search bar is shown in dark theme false
    maxResults number of search suggestions that will be shown 10 0 < x < 25
    searchSuggestions predefined search suggestions [] 0 < x < 25 suggestions
    searchDomains predefined domains the results are restricted to [] 0 < x < domains

    Many applications require components in dark mode and with a single property the searchbox renders in dark theme

    Dark Searchbox

    Auto complete

    The search bar has an autocomplete functionality that attempts to predict the next query.

    import { Searchbox } from '@gowiz/searchbar';
    const search_box = (

    The characters that the users would want to type next are set to bold

    Search bar with suggestions


    Actions allow the user to perform certain actions faster by utilizing the keyboard.

    Key Action
    Enter Triggers the search with the current input query
    Tab Navigate through search results, clear search field, remove search from history
    Esc Closes the suggestions list
    Up/Down arrow Changes the current query by selecting the previous/next search suggestion

    Search bar

    From the UI perceptive search bar looks identical to the searchbox, but they have different functionality. The search bar allows you to harness the power of the Gowiz search engines, by accessing its search results. The users on your site can perform searches and retrieve answerer to them without ever leaving the site.

    Required arguments

    Argument Description
    API_KEY A unique string that determines the author of the application
    onSubmit A function that handles the search results provided by the searchbar

    To get your API_KEY, please send us an email

    Example response

          "status": "success",
           "data": [
                      "title": "Example domain",
                      "meta":"Example Domain. This domain is for use in illustrative examples in documents. ...",

    The status indicated where the request was successful. If the API_KEY is valid and the application respects the agreement, then usually a response is present. The status is different, if the API_KEY is invalid or when then ther's an issue on our side. The duration measure the difference between the time the search request was sent and the time when request was sent from the server side. Duration is measured in milliseconds. The data field is a list of search results that were retried from the server. Every search result has a title and a URL and some of them have a meta description and a favicon.

    Argument Description
    title The title of the search result
    url The url of the search result
    meta? A short description of the search result. This value can be null.
    favicon? A small (16x16) image that's typically the logo of the search result. It can be null

    Example implementation

    import { Searchbar } from '@gowiz/searchbar';
    const search_bar = (
        onSubmit={function onSubmit(response) {


    npm i @gowiz/searchbar

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