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    Samples for the Google Maps JavaScript API.

    The samples can be demoed on the GitHub demo page or at the official documentation site.

    Initialize an app from a sample

    # install the package
    npm i -g @googlemaps/js-samples
    # extract a sample to a destination folder
    googlemaps-js-samples init map-simple destFolder
    # run the sample
    cd destFolder
    npm i
    npm run dev

    Replace map-simple with the path to another sample in this repository.



    1. npm i Install dependencies.
    2. npm run build Build all targets and update dist/ folder.


    1. npm run lint Optionaly fix lint issues with npm run format
    2. npm test Test outputs.


    1. Start a server with all samples using npm start or bazel run serve (or ibazel for faster live reload)
    2. Start a specific sample with bazel run samples/map-simple:devserver (or ibazel for faster live reload)


    It may be possible to enable remote caching with Bazel to speed builds. This will require running gcloud auth application-default login. This requires access to a specific GCS bucket that most developers do not have.

    Inputs and outputs

    The following table identifies the inputs and outputs.

    File Edit jsFiddle Description
    samples/*/src/index.js Y N JavaScript for sample for JS tab
    samples/*/src/index.njk Y N HTML template for sample
    samples/*/src/style.scss Y N SCSS style for sample
    shared/layout.njk Y N Shared HTML template to extend
    shared/scss/* Y N Shared SCSS styles
    dist/samples/*/index.html N N Inline HTML, CSS, JS with development key and transpiled for >1%, ie11
    dist/samples/*/iframe.html N N Inline HTML, CSS, JS for iframe without html, head, body tags transpiled for ie11 and >1%, ie11
    dist/samples/*/inline.html N N Inline HTML, CSS, JS for All tab transpiled for >3%
    dist/samples/*/jsfiddle.html N Y HTML without CSS or JS for in jsFiddle
    dist/samples/*/sample.html N N HTML without CSS or JS for HTML tab
    dist/samples/*/style.css N Y CSS output from SCSS for CSS tab

    Other resources


    These libraries are community supported. We're comfortable enough with the stability and features of the libraries that we want you to build real production applications on it.

    If you find a bug, or have a feature suggestion, please log an issue. If you'd like to contribute, please read How to Contribute.


    npm i @googlemaps/js-samples

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