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    TSLint Rules for Glints

    This repository contains shared rules for the TypeScript linter by Palantir, TSLint.

    It is used across many of our internal and external projects.

    Contribution Guidelines

    Refer to this link for documentation about sharable configurations and rules.

    Before modifying the rules, please notify the codebase owners because it may impact many downstream projects.

    We use EditorConfig to maintain consistent line-ending and indentation rules across all our projects. Ensure that you have the appropriate plugin installed in your preferred editor, or refer to .editorconfig.

    About Glints

    Glints is an online talent recruitment and career discovery platform headquartered in Singapore. It is a platform for young talent to build up their career readiness through internships and graduate jobs; developing skill sets required in different careers.

    P.S. We deal with quite a number of interesting engineering problems centered on matching the right talent to employers. Sounds interesting? Send your resume to tech@glints.com.


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