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GitLab UI

GitLab UI is a UI component library that implements Pajamas, our design system. GitLab UI is written in Vue.js and its objectives are to:

  • Create reusable UI components to accelerate frontend development.
  • Create UI consistency for all components within GitLab.

See https://gitlab-org.gitlab.io/gitlab-ui/ for documentation.


To use GitLab UI in your project, add it as a dependency:

yarn add @gitlab/ui

Note: Make sure to also install GitLab UI's peer dependencies. Refer to the package.json for the list of peer dependencies and their expected versions.

In your main entrypoint before importing or using any component:

import setConfigs from '@gitlab/ui/dist/config'


This will set the global configs used by GitLab UI.

Import the components as desired:

import { GlButton } from '@gitlab/ui';

GitLab UI is compatible with tree-shaking, you may enable this in your project to reduce bundle sizes.


GitLab UI provides component styles, a utility-class library, and SCSS utilities.

Quick start - development

Make sure you have Node 16.x (LTS) and Yarn 1.22 or newer.

# Clone the project
git clone git@gitlab.com:gitlab-org/gitlab-ui.git

# Navigate to the root of the project
cd gitlab-ui

# Install all the dependencies of the project
yarn # or yarn install

# Build and launch storybook to see the components in the browser
yarn storybook

Go to http://localhost:9001/


Unit tests

Components’ unit tests live in the tests/components. The tests are organized following the same directory structure used to organize components.

  • yarn test:unit runs all unit tests.

  • yarn test:unit:watch runs all unit tests in watch mode.

  • yarn test:unit:debug runs all unit tests and allow to attach a debugger to the test runner process.

  • yarn jest [name_pattern] runs spec files that match the specified name pattern.


  • yarn jest datepicker will match all spec files with a name that contains the word datepicker.

  • yarn jest datepicker -t "when draw event is emitted" goes a step further and only runs the test with a description that matches the argument passed to the t flag.

SCSS tests

Even though we try to avoid writing complex SASS code to maintain CSS complexity low, we’ve implemented some functions that benefit from automated testing. SASS tests live in the tests/scss directory. GitLab UI uses sass-true to implement these tests, and jest run them.

yarn jest run_scss_tests runs all SCSS tests.

Visual regression tests

GitLab UI uses visual snapshot tests to prevent introducing regressions with CSS and layout changes on components. Read more on this in the visual testing documentation.

GitLab visual regression tests

GitLab UI components are a reference implementation of the Pajamas Design System components. These components should conform with the design system specs, and they should look correct in the pajamas website and the GitLab product. Please see Debugging GitLab UI issues with GitLab product CSS for information on how to debug issues with GitLab product CSS in GitLab UI.

End to end tests

Components’ end to end tests live in the cypress/e2e folder. See our end to end testing documentation for more details.

yarn run cypress open runs Cypress locally to run end to end tests.


Install with Yarn:

yarn add @gitlab/ui

Install with npm:

npm install @gitlab/ui


GitLab UI requires its styles to be imported to display components properly. We currently have 2 separate stylesheets that both need to be included in your project. The main stylesheet (gitlab_ui.scss) contains component-specific styles, while the other one (utilities.scss) contains the utility classes library on which some components rely. You might find the utility classes useful to layout components in your own project.

You have two options to include those stylesheets:

  • If you have a SCSS preprocessor setup, include the SCSS files in your own stylesheet:
@import '@gitlab/ui/src/scss/gitlab_ui.scss';
@import '@gitlab/ui/src/scss/utilities.scss';
  • If you don't have a SCSS preprocessor setup, you can import the compiled CSS files directly:
@import '@gitlab/ui/dist/index.css';
@import '@gitlab/ui/dist/utility_classes.css';


See Updating GitLab UI Packages for information on how the @gitlab/ui package is kept up to date in various projects.

Contributing guide

Please refer to CONTRIBUTING.md for details on how to add new components and contribute in general to GitLab UI.


Any question? Have a look at our FAQ.md, you might find the answer there.




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