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    Gitlab SVG's

    Repository to manage all SVG Assets for GitLab. Creates SVG Sprites out of Icons and optimises SVG based Illustrations.

    SVG Online Viewer -


    On first time use locally you need to install dependencies through yarn install

    yarn run svg - Runs all tasks that are available, if you want to release a new version just run this task

    All output is saved to the dist folder, from where it is also taken from our main applications.

    Adding something

    If you add something in master automatically all the steps will be done for previewing the icons.

    To add new icons, simply place them in the sprite_icons folder, afterwards run the yarn run svg command.

    To add new illustrations, simply copy them in the illustrations folder, afterwards run the yarn run svg command.

    On a Merge Request also run 'yarn run svg' to check in the updated SVG Sprite and corresponding files until we have an automatic CI/CD solution.

    Preview Application

    The application for previwing is based on NUXT and is located in the folder svgpreviewer.

    You can run it locally through yarn run dev then it will available under http://localhost:3333/.

    With yarn run generate you can generate the static output to the public folder.

    Publish a new version

    Follow these steps when publishing a new version:

    1. Update the version in package.json with npm version. We usually publish minor versions:

      npm version minor -m "Explain which SVGs are added/modified"

      This command will also tag the version for you.

    2. Push the new version.

      git push
    3. Push the new tag

      git push origin <tagname>
    4. Make sure package.json has an updated version and the tag are correctly set

    5. Publish the new version Note: You will need an npm account with the correct permissions. Please contact Tim Zallman

      npm publish



    GitLab is an open source project and we are very happy to accept community contributions. Please refer to for details.




    npm i @gitlab-org/gitlab-svgs

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