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    <text-expander> element

    Activates a suggestion menu to expand text snippets as you type.


    $ npm install --save @github/text-expander-element



    Import as ES modules:

    import '@github/text-expander-element'

    With a script tag:

    <script type="module" src="./node_modules/@github/text-expander-element/dist/bundle.js">


    <text-expander keys=": @ #" multiword="#">


    • keys is a space separated list of menu activation keys
    • multiword defines whether the expansion should use several words or not
      • you can provide a space separated list of activation keys that should support multi-word matching


    text-expander-change is fired when a key is matched. In event.detail you can find:

    • key: The matched key; for example: :.
    • text: The matched text; for example: cat, for :cat.
      • If the key is specified in the multiword attribute then the matched text can contain multiple words; for example cat and dog for :cat and dog.
    • provide: A function to be called when you have the menu results. Takes a Promise with {matched: boolean, fragment: HTMLElement} where matched tells the element whether a suggestion is available, and fragment is the menu content to be displayed on the page.
    const expander = document.querySelector('text-expander')
    expander.addEventListener('text-expander-change', function(event) {
      const {key, provide, text} = event.detail
      if (key !== ':') return
      const suggestions = document.querySelector('.emoji-suggestions').cloneNode(true)
      suggestions.hidden = false
      for (const suggestion of suggestions.children) {
        if (!suggestion.textContent.match(text)) {
      provide(Promise.resolve({matched: suggestions.childElementCount > 0, fragment: suggestions}))

    The returned fragment should be consisted of filtered [role=option] items to be selected. For example:

    <ul class="emoji-suggestions" hidden>
      <li role="option" data-value="🐈">🐈 :cat2:</li>
      <li role="option" data-value="🐕">🐕 :dog:</li>

    text-expander-value is fired when an item is selected. In event.detail you can find:

    • key: The matched key; for example: :.
    • item: The selected item. This would be one of the [role=option]. Use this to work out the value.
    • value: A null value placeholder to replace the query. To replace the text query, simply re-assign this value.
    const expander = document.querySelector('text-expander')
    expander.addEventListener('text-expander-value', function(event) {
      const {key, item}  = event.detail
      if (key === ':') {
        event.detail.value = item.getAttribute('data-value')

    text-expander-committed is fired after the underlying input value has been updated in the DOM. In event.detail you can find:

    • input: The HTMLInputElement or HTMLTextAreaElement that just had value changes committed to the DOM.
    const expander = document.querySelector('text-expander')
    expander.addEventListener('text-expander-committed', function(event) {
      const {input}  = event.detail

    Browser support

    Browsers without native custom element support require a polyfill.

    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Safari
    • Microsoft Edge


    npm install
    npm test


    Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


    npm i @github/text-expander-element

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