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GIPHY SDK for React Native

The fastest and easiest way to bring the full GIPHY experience directly to your app is with the GIPHY SDK. Built with developers and product designers in mind, GIPHY SDK is a top-to-bottom solution for all things GIF in your app. With the React Native SDK we're taking this one step ahead - no more tedious API implementations, time-consuming wrapper setup. It comes with ready to use wrappers officially supported by the GIPHY crew and includes interfacing with GIPHY API, fetching and caching assets, and displaying GIFs and Stickers on screen in customizable UI templates.

With billions of requests a day, it’s safe to say GIPHY knows GIFs. We're excited to share our best-in-class tools with you so your users can have the best GIF experience possible, with all the same features they're already enjoying on Facebook, Slack, Instagram, and more – with just a few lines of code.

New! GIPHY’s proud to introduce GIPHY Clips, aka GIFs with Sound, to the mix! GIPHY Clips is our newest content format at the intersection of GIFs and Video. They combine the expression and entertainment of GIFs, with the added engagement of audio. Integrating the SDK will allow your users to seamlessly express themselves with this new format, all while staying in the experience in your app.

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