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My personal ESLint config. This is really just a thin wrapper around @scottnonnenberg/eslint-config-thehelp with some tweaks to make it fit my style.


npm install --save-dev @giodamelio/eslint-config-thehelpining
# or 
yarn add --dev @giodamelio/eslint-config-thehelpining

To auto generate configuration files (.eslintrc.js) and npm scripts run:

node ./node_modules/@giodamelio/eslint-config-thehelpining/generate_configs.js

To manually install add @giodamelio/thehelpining to your .eslintrc.js extends section.

module.exports = {
  extends: [


  1. @giodamelio/thehelpining: Default config. Includes core, es2015 and functional.
  2. @giodamelio/thehelpining/core: Basic best practices. @scottnonnenberg/thehelp/core with a few tweaks.
  3. @giodamelio/thehelpining/es2015: Prefer ES2015 constructs when possable. @scottnonnenberg/thehelp/es2015 with a few tweaks.
  4. @giodamelio/thehelpining/functional: Dissallow all loops and mutation. @scottnonnenberg/thehelp/functional with a few tweaks.
  5. @giodamelio/thehelpining/test: Rules for your test/ directory. @scottnonnenberg/thehelp/test with a few tweaks.
  6. @giodamelio/thehelpining/scripts: Rules for your scripts/ directory. @scottnonnenberg/thehelp/scripts with a few tweaks.

Environment specific presets

The presets contain some rules for use with specific environments.

  1. @giodamelio/thehelpining/react: Rules for React component structure and JSX formatting. @scottnonnenberg/thehelp/react with a few tweaks.
  2. @giodamelio/thehelpining/node: Rules for Node.js.


HUGE thanks to Scott Nonnenberg for all his work on eslint-config-thehelp, he did most of the hard work.