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Floating action button for React Native

Expo example

Open the following click on your phone: Expo link

or user your phone and scan the following QR:

Use it on Expo

Example of how Expo looks


npm i react-native-floating-action --save


yarn add react-native-floating-action


Take a look into example/ReactNativeFloatingAction-Expo

To execute the example using Expo run the following command:

yarn run run:example

or open Expo link from your mobile

How to use it

First step: import the component:

import { FloatingAction } from "react-native-floating-action";

Second step: define the buttons

const actions = [
    text: "Accessibility",
    icon: require("./images/ic_accessibility_white.png"),
    name: "bt_accessibility",
    position: 2
    text: "Language",
    icon: require("./images/ic_language_white.png"),
    name: "bt_language",
    position: 1
    text: "Location",
    icon: require("./images/ic_room_white.png"),
    name: "bt_room",
    position: 3
    text: "Video",
    icon: require("./images/ic_videocam_white.png"),
    name: "bt_videocam",
    position: 4

Third step: use it

<View style={styles.container}>
  <Text style={styles.example}>Floating Action example</Text>
    onPressItem={name => {
      console.log(`selected button: ${name}`);

Open and hide it programatically

There are some cases where you want to show or hide the component without pressing the main button:

  ref={(ref) => { this.floatingAction = ref; }}

and then:




Property Type Default Description
actions array [] Actions to be show once user press the main button
color string #1253bc Color of the main button
distanceToEdge number or object 30 Distance from button to edge. Can be a number or { vertical: Number, horizontal: Number } object.
visible boolean true Hide or Show the component using an animation
overlayColor string rgba(68, 68, 68, 0.6) Color of the background overlay
position string right Position to render the main button and actions, options: (left, right, center)
overrideWithAction string false Override the main action with the first action inside list actions, will not show other action
floatingIcon node ReactElement
showBackground boolean true Show or Hide background after open it
openOnMount boolean false Open component after mounting it, useful on some weird cases like tutorials
actionsPaddingTopBottom number 8 Change distance between actions
iconWidth number 15 Icon width of the main button
iconHeight number 15 Icon height of the main button
iconWeight number 2 Icon weight of the main button
buttonSize number 56 Size of the main button
listenKeyboard boolean false Change position when the keyboard will appear
dismissKeyboardOnPress boolean false Dismiss keyboard when user press on the main button
shadow object { shadowOpacity: 0.35, shadowOffset: { width: 0, height: 5 }, shadowColor: "#000000", shadowRadius: 3 } Change how we render the shadow of every button, this style will apply to the main button and to every action button
onPressItem function Function to be call as soon as the user select an option from actions. Will return the name of the action.
onPressMain function Function to be call as soon as use click main button and will return true or false depeneding of the state.
onPressBackdrop function Function to be call as soon as the backdrop is clicked.
onClose function Function to be call after set state to false
onOpen function Function to be call after set state to true
onStateChange function Function to be call after every state change. Will return state object
animated boolean true Enable the animation


Property Type Default Description
color string #1253bc Color of the action button
icon any Icon to be rendered inside the action, will accept an URL or React.Image. If we want to send an URL we need to send it in this way: icon: { uri: 'https://imageurl.com' } if we want to send a React.Image we will use it in this way: icon: require('path/image')
name string Name of the icon, this name is used as parameter for onPressItem action
buttonSize number 40 Size of of the action button
text string Text to show near to the button. (Only apply for position = ['left', 'right'])
textStyle object/array { fontSize: 12 } Style to update text size
textBackground string #ffffff Background color for Text container
textColor string #444444 Text color for every action
textElevation number 5 Elevation property (also modifies "shadowOffset" in iOS)
render function Custom render function for Action. If provided, other properties are not applicable. The provided function should return a React Node
margin number 8 Additional margin for action. This property is useful when we want to override the current margin for example using custom render
size number 40 Size of of the icon rendered inside the action


  • [x] first implementation
  • [x] example
  • [x] add colors configurations
  • [x] add more positions like left, center and right
  • [x] support hide or show the component with an animation
  • [x] change plus icon to be customizable
  • [x] use components as icon
  • [x] hide background
  • [x] open on mounting
  • [ ] migrate to TypeScript
  • [ ] allow user defined animations
  • [ ] use crazy animations

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