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Lightweight library for modern Error formatting

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format-error is a TypeScript library designed to easily convert Error objects to string; in particular, its formatError() function provides:

  • support for the cause property introduced by ES 2022

  • customizable behaviour via an optional parts parameter

  • backward compatibility with non-Error objects


npm install @giancosta86/format-error


yarn add @giancosta86/format-error

The public API entirely resides in the root package index, so you shouldn't reference specific modules.


The library provides the following utility functions:

  • formatError(error[,parts]): given an error value, returns a string including just the requested error parts (see below). By default, only the class and the message are included.

    The error argument can be anything - although non-Error objects will be converted without considering the parts argument. More precisely:

    • If the object includes a message property, its string conversion will be returned

    • Otherwise, the value itself is converted to string

  • toError(error): when receiving an Error, the function just returns the argument itself; otherwise, it creates an error whose message is the stringified value

Error parts

ErrorParts is a flag enum - describing the different parts of an Error that should appear in the result:

  • Class: the class

  • Message: the message

  • CauseChain: the chain of cause errors - if available - displaying the related class and message parts according to the current format

  • Stack: the stack trace

You can request multiple error parts by combining the enum values - for example:

  new URIError("Yogi the Bear"),
  ErrorParts.Class | ErrorParts.CauseChain

Additionally, the shortcut combination values Core, Main and All are available.

Please, note: you must specify at least one between Class and Message; otherwise, the function will throw an error


npm i @giancosta86/format-error

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