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    This Node.js module builds on mathjax-node and provides processing of larger content fragments



    npm install mathjax-node-page

    to install mathjax-node-page and its dependencies.


    mathjax-node-page exports mjpage which expects four parameters:

    mjpage(input, mjpageConfig, mjnodeConfig, callback)

    Where input is a string with HTML, pageConfig specifies page-wide options, and mjnodeConfig expects mathjax-node configuration options.

    The defaults for pageConfig are

        format: ["MathML", "TeX", "AsciiMath"], // determines type of pre-processors to run
        output: '', // global override for output option; 'svg', 'html' or 'mml'
        tex: {}, // configuration options for tex pre-processor, cf. lib/tex.js
        ascii: {}, // configuration options for ascii pre-processor, cf. lib/ascii.js
        singleDollars: false, // allow single-dollar delimiter for inline TeX
        fragment: false,
        jsdom: {... }, // jsdom-related options
        displayMessages: false, // determines whether Message.Set() calls are logged
        displayErrors: true, // determines whether error messages are shown on the console
        undefinedCharError: false, // determines whether unknown characters are saved in the error array
        extensions: '', // a convenience option to add MathJax extensions
        fontURL: '', // for webfont urls in the CSS for HTML output
        MathJax: {} // options MathJax configuration, see

    and where mjnodeConfig represents mathjax-node configuration options, the defaults are.

      ex: 6, // ex-size in pixels
      width: 100, // width of math container (in ex) for linebreaking and tags
      useFontCache: true, // use <defs> and <use> in svg output?
      useGlobalCache: false, // use common <defs> for all equations?
      state: mjstate, // track global state
      linebreaks: false, // do linebreaking?
      equationNumbers: "none", // or "AMS" or "all"
      math: "", // the math to typeset
      html: false, // generate HTML output?
      css: false, // generate CSS for HTML output?
      mml: false, // generate mml output?
      svg: false, // generate svg output?
      speakText: true, // add spoken annotations to output?
      timeout: 10 * 1000, // 10 second timeout before restarting MathJax


    mathjax-node-page installs a CLI tool. Run mjpage to print usage instructions.


    const mjpage = require('../lib/main.js').mjpage;
    const fs = require('fs');
    const input = fs.readFileSync('input.html');
    mjpage(input, {format: ["TeX"]}, {svg: true}, function(output) {
        console.log(output); // resulting HTML string


    npm i @gerhobbelt/mathjax-node-page

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