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A genie-router brain selector that selects a brain if its name is mentioned in the first words of an input.

This is a plugin for the https://github.com/matueranet/genie-router project. It parses the input and scans the first words for a mentioning of a specific brain or a configured alias for a brain.

For example you can configure the plugin to recognize your custom api.ai agent with the keyword Sam: Ask sam what is the current weather. This will result into the input what is the current weather to api.ai.


To install go to the .genie-router folder in your home folder (or custom configured folder) and type:

npm install --save @genie-ai/genie-router-plugin-brain mentions`


To enable the plugin add the configuration key for the plugin: brain-mentions to the config.json of genie-router.


aliases (object, optional)

An object with alias names for a brain. The property of the object is the alternative name, the value of the object should be the keyword for the brain. The default value is an empty object.

	"aliases": {
		"sam": "api-ai",
		"speak": "echo"

This configuration allows sentences such as speak what is currently typed to be sent to a brain of choice, instead of the default configured brain.

partsOfInputToCheck (integer, optional)

The number of words to check at the start of the sentence. Default value is 3

Full example

Add the configuration to the configuration of genie-router, in the plugins attribute.

  "brain-mentions": {
    "aliases": {
		"sam": "api-ai",
		"speak": "echo"
	"partsOfInputToCheck": 3

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