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    Official Gem API Node.js Client

    The official Node.js client for the Gem API.


    npm install @gem.co/api



    // Set the SDK constants.
    const { GEM_API_KEY, GEM_API_SECRET } = process.env;
    const { Gem } = require('@gem.co/api').SDK;
    // Create client instance.
    const gem = new Gem({
      apiKey: GEM_API_KEY,
      secretKey: GEM_API_SECRET,
      environment: 'sandbox',
     * MAIN
    (async () => {
      try {
        const applicationUsers = await gem.listUsers();
        const firstUser = applicationUsers[0];
        const transactions = await gem.listTransactions({ userId: firstUser.id });
        console.log('User Transactions', transactions);
      } catch (e) {
        console.error('Gem Error', e);

    Client API Reference


    const gem = new Gem({
      /* Configuration Parameters */

    Configuration Parameters:

    parameter description
    apiKey Gem API key for the respective environment.
    secretKey Gem API secret for the respective environment.
    environment The Gem API environment. Options: sandbox or production.
    options Configuration options that are passed to the Axios Client for each request made to the API.

    SDK Requests


    method parameters description
    getUser (userId: string) Get a user by ID.
    listUsers (pageNumber?: number, pageSize?: number) List all users


    method parameters description
    createProfile ( userId: string, profile: ProfileModel ) Create a profile.


    method parameters description
    createProfileDocument ( profileId: string, document: FormData ) Attach a document to a profile. (Documents may have many files associated.)


    method parameters description
    getInstitution ( institutionId: string ) Get an institution by ID.
    listInstitutions none List all supported institutions.


    method parameters description
    getTransaction ( transactionId: string ) Get a transaction by ID.
    listTransactions ({ userId?: string, accountId?: string, beforeId?: string, afterId?: string, limit?: number }?: object) Get a list of transactions.


    method parameters description
    getAssets ( assetId: string, source?: string ) Get assets from a source. assetIds can be a comma seperated list.
    listAssets ( category: 'cryptocurrency' or 'fiat' ) List all supported assets of a certain category.

    Payment Methods + Supported Currencies

    method parameters description
    listSupportedCurrencies (institutionId: wyre or coinify) List payment methods for a particular institution and their supported currencies.


    method parameters description
    getAssetPrice ( assetId: string, currencyId: string, source?: string ) Get an asset price in units of a requested currency.
    listAssetPrices ( assetIds: string, currencyId: string, source?: string ) List asset prices in units of a requested currency.

    Vanilla Requests

    Each function makes a request to Gem's API and returns a promise in response.

    const gem = new Gem({
      /* Configuration Parameters */
    const client = gem.client;
    client.get(path, parameters, options);
    client.post(path, body, options);
    client.put(path, body, options);
    client.patch(path, body, options);
    client.delete(path, body, options);


    Setting the DEBUG environment variable will turn on Gem client debug logging.

      DEBUG=gem:* node bin/my_program


    npm i @gem.co/api

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