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Sendbird Typescript Platform SDK

link to docs This is a Node.js package written in Typescript that makes talking to the Sendbird Platform API easier. With this library you can extend your Sendbird integration to include advanced features like message-, and channel automation, user management, create user authentication tokens, and create bots.

Differences from upstream Repo

  • Fixed TS errors, and remove node_modules committed in the repo.
  • Upgraded to TS v5 and support only versions above Node v18
  • Publish the dist/ directory for use instead of directly using the source file which caused TS errors in consuming applications.
  • Run build automatically when running npm run publish

To publish, make sure you update the version using the appropriate npm version command and then run npm publish.

🔥 Quick start

import * as sendbird from 'sendbird-platform-sdk-typescript';
const serverConfig = new sendbird.ServerConfiguration("https://api-{app_id}.sendbird.com", { "app_id": APP_ID })
const configuration = sendbird.createConfiguration({ baseServer : serverConfig });
const userAPI = new sendbird.UserApi(configuration);
// List users, use the next token in the response to get the next page of users in subsequent requests
userAPI.listUsers(API_TOKEN, '', 10).then((users) => {
    console.log("Listing first 10 users:\n")
}).catch((error) => {
    console.log("Error listing users")
// How to create a user
const userData: sendbird.CreateUserData = {
    userId: "bob_smith",
    nickname: "Bob",
    profileUrl: "https://cataas.com/c"
userAPI.createUser(API_TOKEN, userData).then((user) => {
    console.log("User created:\n")
}).catch((error) => {
    console.log("Error creating user:")

⚠️ Warnings

  1. This package is not currently in npm. Please see the Local development section for installation instructions.
  2. This library is intended for server to server requests. Do not use in a browser environment. This SDK uses the Master API Token, which should never be exposed to the outside world like in a webpage or app.

⚒️ Prerequisite

In order to make requests with this SDK you will need you master API token. This can be found through the Sendbird dashboard. Each app you create in Sendbird has its own master api token. These tokens can be found in Settings > Application > General. how to find you api token

💻 Requirements

You will need Node.js installed. This has been developed and tested with NodeJS 17+.

⚙️ Installation

🚨 Package not yet in npm 🚨 npm install sendbird-platform-sdk-typescript

🤓 Local Development

  1. Clone the repository
  2. cd to the sendbird-platform-sdk-typescript directory
  3. run npm install
  4. cd to your project directory
  5. run npm install /path/to/sendbird-platform-sdk-typescript --save

🗃️ Documentation

All the documentation for this project lives in the /docs directory of this repo.

Announcement docs/AnnouncementApi.md
Application docs/ApplicationApi.md
Bot docs/BotApi.md
GroupChannel docs/GroupChannelApi.md
Message docs/MessageApi.md
OpenChannel docs/OpenChannelApi.md
User docs/UserApi.md
Webhooks docs/WebhooksApi.md

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