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Fylgja - Sass Extend

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Add more super powers to your Sass project.

This repo will add more functions and adds options not found in the core sass project.


npm install @fylgja/sass

How to use

Since this is a Sass function library it require only usages where it is needed.

So if you need to string replace something.

Then include the specific sass typed function via;

@use "@fylgja/sass/string" as str;

.str-replace {
    content: str.replace("Hello World", "World", "🌍");

We advice to use the library with a prefixed @use. Similar to an @use "sass:string".

This package offers the following functions.

Function Name Type Description
luminance color Calculate the luminance for a color
contrast-ratio color Calculate the contrast ratio between two colors
contrast color Sets an dark or light color based on the contrast
gray color Get a specific gray based an a given precentage
nth-side list Extract value based on shorthand sizing property
negative map Converters a map with units to a negative units
strip-unit math Removes the unit (e.g. px, em, rem) from a value
replace string Replace part of a string with new value
url-encode string Encode Unsafe urls to safe urls
svg-url string Use SVG anywhere as dataUri (inline background)

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