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This package contains configuration files for ESLint v7.15+

This is a configuration file for ESLint that is used to lint my TypeScript projects.

NOTE 1: This configuration will only check for @typescript-eslint/* rules, therefore it is recommended to also use @futagoza/eslint-config-javascript or something similar alongside this configuration.

NOTE 2: This configuration require's TypeScript, but the peerDependencies field is set as "typescript": "*" so that any version of TypeScript supported by the Typescript-ESLint project can be used.


$ npm i --save-dev @futagoza/eslint-config-typescript


Put the following into your configuration (.eslintrc.* file or the "eslintConfig" field in package.json):

    "extends": "@futagoza/typescript"


A list of usable configurations as well the configurations they use:

  • @futagoza/typescript (default, extends extension-rules)
  • @futagoza/typescript/extension-rules (extends eslint-overrides)
  • @futagoza/typescript/eslint-overrides

The eslint-overrides configuration is tailored either to switch off or alter core ESLint rules so that @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin can do it's job and no unnecessary checks are made. It is not recommended to use this directly!


@typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin requires a tsconfig.json in the current working directory to function correctly, but I believe in zero-config, so what this configuration does is the following in order:

  1. Try to load tsconfig.eslint.json from the current working directory
  2. Try to load tsconfig.json from the current working directory
  3. Create and load a temporary tsconfig.json for the current working directory

If the third choice is reached, this configuration will create a temporary tsconfig.json (based on the built-in tsconfig.default.json) in the user's temporary directory with path's linked to the current working directory so that it functions like a normal tsconfig.json (albeit slightly opinionated). This is a great alternative to the createDeafultProgram option provided by @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin as it can have performance issues (e.g. I've had VS Code slow down).


Copyright © 2019+ Futago-za Ryuu
Released under the MIT License, http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT


npm i @futagoza/eslint-config-typescript

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