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    Nunjucks Adapter

    An adapter to let you use Nunjucks templates with Fractal.


    npm i @frctl/nunjucks-adapter --save


    In your fractal.js setup file:

    // fractal.js
    var fractal = require('@frctl/fractal');
    fractal.engine('nunjucks', '@frctl/nunjucks-adapter'); // register the Nunjucks adapter
    fractal.set('components.engine', 'nunjucks'); // use Nunjucks for component views
    fractal.set('components.ext', '.nunj'); // look for files with a .nunj file extension


    You can pass custom filters, global variables and extensions to the underlying Nunjucks instance as follows:

    // fractal.js
    fractal.engine('nunjucks', '@frctl/nunjucks-adapter', {
        filters: {
            // filter-name: function filterFunc(){}
        globals: {
            // global-name: global-val
        extensions: {
            // extension-name: function extensionFunc(){}

    For example, to register the 'shorten' filter example from the Nujucks docs:

    // fractal.js
    fractal.engine('nunjucks', '@frctl/nunjucks-adapter', {
        filters: {
            shorten: function(str, count) {
                return str.slice(0, count || 5);

    Which you could then use in your component or documentation views as follows:

    {# Show the first 5 characters #}
    A message for you: {{ message|shorten }}
    {# Show the first 20 characters #}
    A message for you: {{ message|shorten(20) }}

    Including and extending non-component view templates

    By default, the nunjucks adapter expects you to use the Fractal component @handle syntax to refer to components to include or extend in your templates.

    However, if you wish to include (or extend) non-component templates, you can also pass a path (or an array of paths) of directories for Nunjucks to search in for non-component templates. For example:

    // fractal.js
    fractal.engine('nunjucks', '@frctl/nunjucks-adapter', {
        paths: ['path/to/files']
    {% include 'foo.html' %}

    In this example the file foo.html would be searched for in the path/to/files directory and included if found.

    Using additional search paths in this manner does not prevent standard @handle syntax includes working as well.


    The Nunjucks helpers library provides a set of useful extensions and filters for your Fractal projects.

    You can make all helpers available to your project by setting the loadHelpers config property to true when registering the Nunjucks adapter:

    // fractal.js
    fractal.engine('nunjucks', '@frctl/nunjucks-adapter', {
        loadHelpers: true

    See the Nunjucks helpers README for details on selectively loading helpers if you do not wish to autoload them in this fashion.




    npm i @frctl/nunjucks-adapter

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